Violence and Private Security in South Africa

Violence and Private Security in South Africa

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  1. VICE News traveled to South Africa's mother city Cape Town to look at the lifestyle gap between those who can and cannot afford the luxury of safety.
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  2. Little story from South Africa, a while ago someone pulled out a pistol and started firing shots out. Instead of the police going and taking him down, they went in the other directions.

  3. As an Afrikaans (South African) student. I actually want to enlist within SAPS and do my part, or at least my best to assist against crime. But they make it so hard to even find out anything about recruitment. They are extremely unorganized and unstructured when it comes to the majority of their tasks.

  4. A new system started by a terrorist and this what we get.!it's all about the money .who ever is in charge.ANC or some other racist group.

  5. I hate the comment section in any south African video because they bound to get into a fucking race wars because insecure white pricks need something to blame their fucking problem on

  6. This is the future of usa..
    Police is afraid cause gangsters kill em.. put some fuckin investments on pd and see how things escalate in days…. fuckin corrupt bitches

  7. I heard those security companies extort the poor families for protection. Does anyone know its that's actually true?

  8. How could they give the jobs of a cop to people who did not earn it and are not qualified.
    That’s about giving the rights of a country back to the original people who lived there.
    That’s just a joke and if I was living there – I’d move so fast.

  9. My Team would go in—Fully clothed in the latest in pro-tec-Body armor! Showing The Fire arms we carry! The bigger the look the better the response! Smoke bombs, When the jeeps roll up,For shock n awe.Each team member has a Blue Pit Bull.Fully trained in tactical warfare..NOW LET'S DANCE.

  10. It's not like this in just South Africa, but often occurs in places like the United States as well, where businesses and corporations prefer to have the appearance of security rather than pay a decent wage to get experienced people to do a competent job.

  11. We need a gofundme or something for that security guard. His attitude is something we could all use in our cynical, yet privileged lives.

  12. what i find shitty is big companies make a lot of money but pay their security guards a fraction of it. much like a lot of south african employment. which is allowed by the goverment…their own people allows such bad low mininum wages

  13. I don't get why if you have the money to have a big house, nice cars, and your own private security forces… why not leave South Africa for another country and take your money with you?

    I guess because not even the wealthy South Africans want to give up on their country.

  14. 10:37 that is not true. White southafricans don't even register as citizens of this country which makes it close to impossible for whites to find jobs.

  15. And of course all the private security businesses are Israeli… Wherever there's a profit to be made from division and diversity, there they allll are….

  16. AMAZING! africka having trouble with blacks! they cant get along with people anywhere! what excuse do they have? he is BLACKER than ME? they cant even get along with their own kind!
    thats pretty BAD! who do they complain too? do they ask for reparations there too?

  17. This is not the failed of police but the government. If the government pay higher . Police will stay. Everyone need money for family.

  18. Just proves that Apartheid had its merits even some of the blacks in SA would rather have it back than what they have now – all of the blacks are corrupt in power and Mandela was a murderer and terrorist but such is the way with propaganda the west actually believed he was some sort of prophet lol
    Stompi Moeketsie anyone ? No one remembers the truth or Winnie Mandela and her football thugs and rampant theft of public money and her husband did not know – cmon open your eyes people!!
    But no we would rather have the politically correct version!

  19. The most south Africans are sick in their head, we should never help them for the nest war, they should go to hell
    I only feel sad for the white farmers in south Africa. But with is black brothers they should go to hell, I think I need white president in south Africa, which I know it will happen, am black too but I will vote for white man as president in south Africa.

  20. Could be different. Quite simple actually. Keep people poor and fearful and you control them. Create chaos and bring them a solution. That's what the "ruling" people of the world are doing. We are all just cattle in their eyes. Secret behind secret societies by Walter Veith. Check it out.

  21. south african born and raised love this country but hate it at he same time our police are pretty much our criminals.

  22. September 2019 If you want an update see here…

  23. I wonder why they didn't hide the security guard's face. He probably has had people asking him for inside info since this aired.. smh

  24. Your commentary hints at still blaming whitey for the violence and ineptitude if the native races. There are realities that leftist whites like yourself can’t or won’t acknowledge

  25. @13:52 there, that is why there is such inequality in this beautiful country of ours..
    But excuse me Mr Neighborhood watch man, how dare you go and interrogate that gentleman who is enjoying a rest in the green nature God provided for all of us, equally.. That Sir, is called racial profiling and is a major root cause in the massive difference between the living conditions of the very wealthy, the middle class and the lower class..
    If the apartheid regime was truly over, you would have absolutely mo business walking up to that elderly gentleman who you clearly have no probable cause to interrogate as a suspect, and tell him he is jot allowed to lay and enjoy God's Free Earth and the beauty of nature.. They took away the whites only / blacks only signs at beaches and parks in 1994 you know, therefore that gentleman has every right to lay there if he wants, even loitering is not an applicable term to use in this very situation.. What it is is actually a discrimination of a lesser fortunate mver of society, whom we have no right profiling him because of his financial/racial/demographical or ethical status, you and all of us have no right 5o tell someone where they may or may not rest, if he started to erect a permanent structure there with intent to live permanently there, then maybe you could advise him it is mot legal, but you are very wrong in your decision to send that ol chap on his way..

  26. well when you letting private sector deal the securities then it's ends shit!I mean they'll do any thing to keep money comes even dealing with gangs…you know what I mean

  27. 45 murders a day? I think my City of Baltimore beats that smh. Why do we need to murder so much. People need to fight like we used to, not just always quick to shoot

  28. At least the country could be helped by giving people jobs that need them… pay someone to sit around watching someones house all day for sercurity… soon those people who have the expensive cars and houses who put the most money into the country move out because they keep getting robbed all the time

  29. This is a situation manufactured by white folks…they suppress the black folks to their lowest ebb and when they come out swinging the white folks cry fowl. Listen to the journalist here saying how the black folks who are given new positions are poorly trained …well they are poorly trained by design…by the white government so how is that their fault?

  30. I am not sure that South Africans will read it but maybe somebody will read and understand:

    1. The criminality is caused because of the extremally poverity of most people. Their the highest chance to survive is try robb somebody / something. Somebody will say that black people are murderers! The truth is that everybody of us can be murderer but need big enough motivation to do it (psychology) – nationality and body colour aren't important.

    2. The one of the highest disproportion between the good living people and poor people is deepen. It's the problem which should be solved by government.

    3.Weapons like guns, rifles, snipers etc should be reserved only for police and army. People shouldn't have access to weapons so it would be easier to control people. The risk of danger would be decreasing.

    4.People need work. Without work nobody will survive in USA, Europe or other high developed countries. Africa isn't exception. If You be able to control your country and increase safety I am sure that a lot of big companies will be intresting in build some big factories and hire thousands of people. People will get job, they will earn money and they won't to commit a crimes again.

    5.Safe country means more tourist who will massive arrive to visit one of the most beautiful place on the word (I have seen video that South Africa has a lot of unbeliveable and wonderful exotic places to see). It's also means more money for You.

  31. What nonsense! In the 50’s there were near equal whites and blacks in S. Africa. If Apartheid was soooo bad why did the population of blacks in S Africa balloon to 48 million in the 1990’s? Is Vice News saying that Blacks were so STUPID that they willingly subjugated themselves to this horrendous, racist regime of apartheid? Obviously, the hospitals must have been good, jobs plentiful, infant mortality rates low— and Vice News pins the blame on the racist past! Yeah, ok! Good luck with that.

  32. I love how Vice tries to spin the narrative as inequality created by capitalism is driving crime up in South Africa, when in reality it is Capitalism that is providing jobs to South Africans, tax money to fund the (incompetent) police and Private security that is preventing SA to become complete warzone

  33. Every white person shall leave Africa and let them take care of them selfs. Go back in 5 years and they are all gone because they kill't each other.

  34. What a shame! Such a beautiful country! I mean here in the US, we have crime too. But even in the worst of neighborhoods people aren't living with electric fences, high walls, etc…. This is craziness! The innocent are behind the barriers not the criminals! Who wants to live like that? So, even if you're rich, you gotta live in a cage?! I was thinking about visiting South Africa because it would be exciting! I don't need this kind of excitement! I'll go to Europe or Australia!

  35. (African Accent)
    Securitee mudafuckas protect dee place and sheeet.
    I dont allow violatas come inside protected areas.Other africans and
    other mudafuckas doing bull-sheet cant come inside.
    We africun sacuritee..

  36. Thank God I left in 1994. I now live in a million pound house in the UK. I would never go back to that shit hole. I live a wonderful life now. Thanks UK!! 🙂

  37. Whites are always a trouble
    Arabs hate them
    Africans hate them
    Chinese hate them
    Get your white asses out of south africa

  38. Progress is good. Some will digress with pain thru the process but in the end your on your way to becoming small St.louis.. Great job africa

  39. The only reason why South Africa is somewhat richer then the rest of the continent is because of the white minority lifting the rest of the country up. My theory is that white people around the world are more likly or feel more comfortable doing business with people that look like them… thats why Argentina and Chile have the highest GDP per Capita than the rest of the latin continent. You look like me so i trust you more…

  40. Phillip is why I love being South African, he is so positive and dedicated to his job for the protection of others despite his background. He is the everyday man in South Africa and just like when I see it in reality everyday, it fills my heart with respect and joy.

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