What is going on members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from Americana Our neighborhood in Guadalajara And today instead of a travel/tourism style video We’re just going to go the mall instead There’s a mall I’ve really wanted to check out A few people suggested I head there It’s called Andares It’s on the other side of the city So we’ve got to call an Uber And we’re going to find out what are malls like.. In Mexico? Is the mall your favorite place in Mexico? No.. Definitley no But we heard a lot of things about this one I want to check it out Definitely Anything you want to buy? I heard there is a Farmers market And I really want to see that Because I love farmers markets Our Uber is here Hola We’ve just arrived here And my first impressions.. are This is a seriously luxurious place This is what I would imagine a mall Somewhere like Dubai would be like. Just really widespread And they have all these.. Premium brands Burberry.. Hugo Boss And we haven’t really even gone inside yet Is this is a lot bigger than you expected to? Yes definitely.. It’s like two sides Stores and restaurants It’s to big.. It’s kind of overwhelming yeah.. I don’t know what direction to go.. I don’t know where to begin either.. This is what you wanted to come here for The farmers market until 2 PM I’ve never seen a farmers market.. In a mall food court before Me neither.. It’s the first time.. I think i’m excited I want to see it She’s been here two seconds And already she sees something That she wants to eat What a surprise I just sampled empanadas Brownies.. These really nice breads I don’t know how you could possibly go to the food court here When you have this amazing farmers market.. right over my left shoulder There are some really really cool booths here The food court actually has quite a few chains You’ll find in the United States Like Carls Jr. Sbarro Popeyes down there Burger king Really nothing that exciting for me in the food court We’re going to eat lunch we’re going to eat something at the farmers market for sure I got tacos al vapor Which I don’t know what that means But they look good so.. They’re with mushrooms Two mushrooms and one meat.. I’m really excited for these empanadas Because I used to eat these all the time When I lived in Buenos Aires for a couple of months The guy who sold them is from Argentina About 25 pesos each I got one vegaterian And one carne Delicious guys.. delicious Go find the empanada guy.. tell him I said hi We’re leaving the farmers market And if I had to make one complaint It’s a silly complaint Is that.. It was so healthy Almost too healthy I was looking for a regular brownie And all I saw was gluten free stuff I wanted a gluten full brownie I could not find one But outside of that It was really really cool Guys I finally found something I’ve never seen At a mall in the United States At least not in the New York area A casino I just don’t know how happy they’d be if I filmed inside of here You’re used to seeing casinos at the mall? Yes.. I mean not all the malls But i’ve seen them before Is that how it works? You gamble and then you go spend your winnings on clothing? Yes.. It’s a good idea. Definitely I want them all I have to say this is probably the least Mexican thing I could be doing with my Saturday Going to a mall.. In fact this is definitely An influence from the United States But as far as malls in the U.S are concerned This is one of the best malls I’ve ever been to For sure.. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate A store full of candy It smells so good Whoever designed this mall Knew exactly what they were doing Because they put all of these relaxing Little pools of water everywhere Plenty of places for kids to run around And then.. You realize oh yeah.. There’s some shops I can go to also It was very well designed here. It looks like you. It’s me? It’s the first time I’ve seen a mall with a playground In the middle Now we’re going to go where any reasonable person Would go.. If they were at this mall At this hour We’re going to go the VIP Movie theater And check out the new Liam Neeson movie This is like a first class seat on an airplane The movie just let out If you’re curious about the VIP movie experience We did a whole video about this in Merida And for the record I thought the movie the commuter Was pretty bad Liam Neeson is a great actor He’s the only reason it was even tolerable Don’t watch it. At least not in the movie theater Just wait until it’s on netflix So you can enjoy it there.. What do you think are the differences between U.S Malls and Mexican Malls Honestly I don’t see a big difference The structure of the mall.. they have a food quarter? How do you say that? Food court Food court.. They have the stores around They have a movie theater Maybe the only difference that I noticed before.. Is the casino? That’s it.. Alright members of the Barrio We are about to head back This is a very luxurious mall You can see by the stores You can see by the set up here I am impressed I’m not someone that goes to the mall very often But.. I guess it’s nice to know that his place exists At a minimum for that VIP Movie theater Although we’re going to pick a better movie next time Tell me in the comments Have you been to malls in Mexico before? What do you think are the differences Are between malls in Mexico and malls in the U.S Make sure to subscribe if you are new to this channel We’ve got a lot more coming up From Guadalajara Thank you so much for watching Until next time Can you fall like that one more time? No..

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  1. Leave a comment and hit like so YouTube knows you're watching ! What's your favorite mall in Mexico?

  2. I don't think malls are an "american thing". In fact, first mall ever was italian, in the II century. I know "mall culture" is huge in the States but we mexicans hang out a lot in malls, too.

  3. Visiten el acuario “michin” ubicado en el Parque alcalde.
    Representa todas las especies mexicanas de su vida acuática. 👍🏼

  4. See how he starts at a neighborhood named “Americana”? It’s all streets named after America’s countries. You know because #AmericaIsAContinent ✌🏻

  5. Hi John, in my opinion thus type of mall is basically the same anywhere, but I have the percepción that this type of malls in México are a little bit more luxurious than in the US. El Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool I think the design and finishes are more luxurious than a Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales. If you look at floors, materials, designs, etc. You look happy and that’s good, I think México has been treating you well. Regards

  6. There are NOT "malls" in Mexico. Mexican call them "Centros Comercialers". Empanadas are not from Argentina . Empanadas are of Arabian origin and brought to America (Mexico and many other countries) by the Spanish Pilgrims.

  7. es plaza andares o plaza Antares, aquí en la cd de mx,tenemos plaza Antares, tiene un diseño similar al mosteado en el vídeo.

  8. Buen video chicos…..vayan al zoologico, tiene teleferico, zafari, acuario, pinguinos, herpetario….es realmente magnifico, muy bello GDL.

  9. Mexican malls are better than american malls now.. for example the ones in CDMX, Monterrey NL, and Guadalajara.

  10. Realmente para hacerlo No se inspiraron en la infraestructura gringa,,sino en la asiática,pero gracias.😀😁😁😁

  11. Hey I went there, it was definitely a cool mall. It was christmas time and they had fake snow (just don't get it in your helado!)

  12. tantos lugares hermosos en Guadalajara, y te vas al Mall, guey! no mames! …yo he recorrido el mundo entero, y sabes que? prefiero los tianguis, los tacos de calle, las fondas del Mercado…pinche Cheesecake Factory, ni que pinches konoba koliba, le boutin gourmand, restaurants de cache, le vienen guangos, a los tacos tuxpenos de Don Beto…visita lo autentico…

  13. La primera plaza comercial en México fue fundada en 1700, las mercancías se comerciaban desde el oriente principalmente desde Filipinas y China hasta el puerto de Acapulco, San Blas y Cabo San Lucas principalmente. Objetos lujosos como el carey, maderas de olor, sedas, arcones enconchados, mantillas, abanicos de mano, etc. se podían adquirir y desde aquí se exportaban a Europa entrando por supuesto por España, esa plaza se llamo El Parían y ocupo todo el espacio de lo que ahora es el zócalo de la Ciudad de México. Saludos.

  14. If i am not mistaken that is the first or second popeyes in all of México and it opened like in november. Im excited to go there this may/june

    Some seem to be made in a pot as in this recipe … where layers of tortillas and filling are put in a tamale steamer and steamed for an hour.
    There was this cart with a stainless steel shelf with holes in it with steam coming up from the holes. The meat was put on this and cooked. Then I think once cooked it was transferred to a steam table to keep warm.
    "Just for comparative purposes, the tacos al vapor in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, are premade, soft, steaming little bundles of orange chile-stained masa, with a meat filling. They are kept separated in the steamer by little squares of deli paper or maybe waxed paper. They are truly greasy, but delicious. We had them on the Plaza Chica in the daytime, from a cart, but if they are available elsewhere in the Pátzcuaro environs, I haven't seen them. (Doesn't means they don't exist.)"
    ".I had read about tacos al vapor/cazuela but had never had them before … He placed a basket on the table which encased the steamed tacos under a veil of a cloth and tin foil. As soon as I lifted this off – a huge cloud of steam arose. The tacos were nicely sweated (Condensed water) and lightly doused with an arbol based salsa I believe. The sweating (Condensed water) causes the tortillas to adhere together – encasing the taco filling. The accompaning garnish was a molacajete of pickled onions which I found to be a perfect sharp contrast adornment".

  16. Where is she from? Is she Mexican? I am just totally surprised what she said at minute 2:39, she obviously speaks spanish.

  17. Thanks for sharing your Mexico experience I always wanted to go to Mexico City. it looks safe to walk around and take Ubers.  Greeting from Pennsylvania 😃

  18. Es que aquí en México los fines de semana es muy común ir al mall de paseo a comer ir al cine y otras actividades que incluyen los malls en México en eeuu es diferente los fines de semana cierran temprano y es cuando menos gente tienen saludos desde Tampico

  19. I didn’t saw nothing luxury in that mall here in SF USA they are more luxury than your wife’s country shitty mall.Your videos sucks shame on you for being a YouTubed vloger

  20. The best malls in the world are in Mexico and China. Mexico and China are the leaders of malls around the world, they are the countries where more shopping centers are built and with amazing designs.

  21. Lo unico que le daño a mexico es el malinchismo en una desigualdad social y economica . Mexico no solo es plazas , torres , calles . Mexico es mexico por la escencia unica de su gente . Saludos hermanos mexicanos desde la perla tapatia esta es su casa cuando gusten venir 😘👌

  22. Gracias por mostrar mi Ciudad y que no andamos en caballos porque son tan ignorantes muchos paises

  23. Hi! I love that farmers market, I go there every saturday. I been living in GDL since 2012 and I love it. it is beautiful and I hope you are enjoying it too 🙂

  24. La verdad es que Andares en GDL es casi igual a Antara en la CDMX, no siento que Andares sea un Mole premium… Más bien es un Mole más que puedes encontrar en CDMX…

  25. The difference between malls in the US and Mexico is that most malls in US are outdated and the ones in Mexico are brand new one. That’s my opinion guys. I live in Chicago by the way, an old but great American city !

  26. Porque cuando dices que algo te encanta tu cara expresa como si en realidad fuera todo lo contrario.

    Es como decir : me encanta! (Y decirlo con la cara así 😒)

  27. Om from California San Diego love my family side form guadalajara and I been there once is beautiful and big.

  28. Que pena que en Mexico todo este para gringos; quise ver en Estados Unidos que acepten algo mexicano o en español; que malinchistas somos

  29. Got to visit that place last year, they have kripy kreme donuts too, and yes original glaze sell quick. Also i stood at the hotel, rite there by the mall

  30. most mexicans go to the luxury mall to wacht and buy just a souvenir to get prestige, rest of their shopping is in popular stores or markets on the street, tianguis.

  31. So you ate at the crappy food court when you could have eaten first floor in the fancy restaurants in tje boulevard

  32. Jhon you are an open mind turist that likes to see, taste the diferent from one contry. You partner is …she never likes anything, at last in México… I wonder what that is she doing here. The best for your videos is you look for anothter person. She always act she is doing a favor… We don't need, we don't want, we don't like people like her at our contry. You're welcome any time. Not hard feelings.

  33. Theres one mall in MXCity I travel one state to the next. It made me cry to feel I was back in the US. No Joke I remember going to the malls in every city back in California. There's a mall every 20 – 30 miles apart it just comes to show how much spending money you get out of that country.

  34. Hir ha un centro comercial. Un centro lujoso no es nuevo .algo muy mexicano ve ha un pueblo trata su gente escucha su música come tradicional en cada estado de la república mexicana la comida es distinta y los climas distintos

  35. About 8 years back, I spent time in Guadalajara. My host took me to the fanciest mall–an in-door mall. We ate at Chili's. Then, he took me to Ajijic to see the gringos. It was very nice of him. But it was my last few days and I was, like, soon enough I'll be back in LA…and have all the mall I want.

  36. A mall in Mexico, it's like going to a gold souk in Dubai; to me, not all that I'd rather cook at home and rent a movie from Redbox, a mall is for kids!

  37. I think MEXICO is getting more focus in Europe than the u.s so far., plus MEXICAN Engineer or Architect are so much better now, than before. Their vision are more ambition and ambitious focuses in extraordinary Imagination …that's why is getting fascinated and wayyyy much better in certain thing's…In my opinion!!!

  38. La Plaza Andares es una de las plazas más monótonas que existe en esta ciudad. Es más un simple complejo de tiendas lujosas de clase alta, porque Plazas con gran toque están la Plaza del Sol y otros.

  39. Mexico is la mera verga .. beside the cartels stuff Were an amazing and rich country jamás me quisiera ir a US a vivir I go just for shopping

  40. I lived in Guadalajara for a number of years. Most of the people I knew hated Andares. They found it pretentious and un-Mexican. I taught an English class in an office building right next to Andares so I was there often. To eat. Never to shop. Too upscale for a teacher.

  41. Jajajajaja la morra dice que no sabe que son los tacos al vapor y se le mira el nopal en la frente😂🤔

  42. No manchen están bien Paisasotas !! Está más guera la gente de Guadalajara!! Estos se ven chicanos lastima que no quieran hablar español

  43. Los centros comerciales en México son sin duda más bonitos que en US. La razón es el elitismo y clasismo, por eso son tan ostentosos. La gente cree que por entrar a un centro comercial con marcas de lujo su clase social es más alta, aunque su nivel socioeconómico no lo sea.
    La clase, es producto de la educación. Un saludo, México lindo y querido!

  44. nothing out of the ordinary in the food court, but when you're craving Popeye's red beans and rice, nothing else tastes or smells so good

  45. kinda reminds me of La Canterra in San Antonio, not just one big building but more spread out. I think I would like the family friendly atmosphere Andares has. The playground reminds me of the mall in Victoria, Texas that has 2 playground areas, i think that's pretty common here…. makes me wanna move to guadalajara and sample some of their food!

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