Wade’s Filthy Five: Top Five Dirty Facts about Movie Theatres ! #10

Hey there filthy fivers! It’s wade bringing
you another episode of filthy five facts. The filthy facts I have for you today are
about movie theatres. Our first filthy fact has to do with the holiest
of holy’s movie popcorn. This buttery light treat is a good side to enjoy while watching
a feature. One thing I’ve never thought of or the workers at the theatre was when
was the last time the popper was cleaned? Most theatres just spot clean these bad boys
at the end of the night. Truth is that popper hasn’t been fully cleaned since the opening. Our second fact is about the lovely furnishings
at movie theatres. Aside from all the e coli on the back of the head rest “AKA” the
foot rest for the person behind you. Well either way unless someone shits themselves
in a extremely liquid fashion. These seats probably won’t be cleaned until they are replaced
in five to ten years. Our third filthy fact has to do with the arcade.
Again this fact has to do with the hygiene practices at movie theatres. Those mystical
rooms of fun known as arcades that reside, in movie theatres; are cleaned more than the
seats and the popper; but they usually only get a wipe down once a month. Thats a lot
of booger eatin fingers spreading a lot of scary bacteria. This fourth filthy fact has to do with the
cleanliness of the floor. Theatre floors vary from the new and nice to the old and sticky.
Either way it is common practice to clean up just the popcorn or light colored trash
in between films. This filthy fact is for the obvious reason that you won’t worry about
what you can’t see. Yup that shits dirty. This fifth filthy fact I hope is just a rumor!
Apparently some less than scrupulous theatres use last night’s leftover popcorn with todays
fresh popcorn. This fact plays on the growing fear in my mind that i have totally eaten
this frankencorn before!! You know that popcorn that is half hot and half not and you know
its not because of the fucking butter….You ever gotten those soggy or chewy bits in your
matinee popcorn too? Fuck it is true!!!!!!!

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