War Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | Vaani Kapoor |4K | New Movie Trailer 2019

War Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | Vaani Kapoor |4K | New Movie Trailer 2019

What the hell’s going on,
Colonel Luthra? Kabir has gone rogue, ma’am. Kabir’s our best. Kill him before he does
anything else. There must be someone
who can get to him. No one knows Kabir
like I do. I can guess his next move. Khalid. Who’s the team-leader? Who do you think? Remember what I taught you, Khalid. Shoot, if you get the chance. Don’t think. Cause I won’t. Before you get to anyone else,
I’ll get you. Get out of my way! You taught me everything
I know… …except for betrayal. THIS YEAR VS Game over. THERE WILL BE WAR Khalid was my student once… …now he thinks he’s better
than his teacher.

100 thoughts on “War Trailer | Hrithik Roshan | Tiger Shroff | Vaani Kapoor |4K | New Movie Trailer 2019

  1. Dear makers of #war can you explain me this kahalid toh second mission main hi mar gaya tha so ….ek hi seen main surabh or khalid ek sath keshe aye🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 kiu ki Sourabh hi toh khalid thaa so ek hi seen main how

  2. Good trailer but i disliked due to Tiger shroff. 250cr ki fipm kare ya 25 cr ki kare tiger shroff same hi action karega

  3. main movie aaj hi dekha lekin humko kuchh ismein mistakes se lag raha hai ki tiger Shroff jab starting ke 40 minut bad HI death Ho jata hai uska Apne team ke Gadar aadmi ke piche jaate time to uska Gadar ne plastic surgery karvane ke bad bhi tiger Shroff ke sath Hrithik Roshan ki friendship yad kaise kar sakte hai plz reply ???????????

  4. 2019 😁thank you owner I love Indian movie😍!! Check my channel! I wanna start vlog. But I don't know what I want hmmmm please any suggestions? God bless us. Thanks

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  6. It was predictable that Khalid would be villain after Hritik gives disk to him and after that the movie becomes boring

  7. Al eh búji penji Abdul klahs
    Achrij plusj cripemda……

    If you want to understand what I said go asked google.

  8. khalid ti phele mission ke bad mar jata h saurab ke pheche jaane m phir starting ka wo tiger jo lift me tha wo bhi saurabh , jo train me tha wo bhi thodi ajeeb se h story…

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