Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The Vancouver Titans

Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The Vancouver Titans

Oh, Wally, you are just so darn adorable,
I can’t get enough of you. Hello. I didn’t see you there.
But, please, take a seat and get cozy. I’m Seth King, and tonight
I want to tell you a story as old as time. It’s a David and Goliath story,
really, with a twist. That twist: Goliath absolutely stomps
the **** out of David’s soul on his march to League supremacy. Shall we begin? The Vancouver Titans
entered their first season as relative unknowns
in the North American Overwatch scene, but had already made waves in Korea
as team RunAway. RunAway had come tantalizingly close
to winning it all until their big breakthrough
on a fateful August night in 2018. RunAway would capture
their first major championship in Korean Contenders Season 2, and just 2 months later the entire roster would be signed
to represent Vancouver in the second season
of the Overwatch League. The Vancouver Titans’ story, though,
can really only start in one place, and that is with
the bombastic brawler himself, Bumper. Bumper, sneaking in from the back! The Shatter comes down! Good night! This guy has been doing this for ages! The Titans’ star main tank announced
himself and the team to the world with his braggadocios interviews
and aggressive stylings that would lead Vancouver
to a perfect first stage, and into the Stage 1 Finals
versus the mighty San Francisco Shock. What happened next
will live on in Overwatch lore as one of the greatest matches
ever played. Seven epic maps later, the Titans came out
victorious behind a cavalcade of swag, cementing themselves
as the League’s top team. Super, caught out of position! He’s down! Bumper hits a huge Earthshatter! They say the North never forgets, and the Vancouver Titans
take what was promised to them! Your Stage 1 champions! Boastful and brash as ever, these bad boys rolled
to another perfect stage, only to face their new nemesis yet again
in the Stage 2 Finals. We’re not used to seeing this situation
from the Titans, that they are struggling. This is the first time
I’ve seen them look a little bit worried. This would prove to be
their first taste of adversity, as the Shock rocked them to their cores and handed them their first ever defeat. Renewed and reinvigorated,
the Titans rolled on, seemingly near-invincible,
racking up 5 wins to start the stage. The Vancouver Titans,
ever since they were RunAway, have been on a winning streak
since last summer. They can’t keep getting away with it. They will. They’re way too good, man. They are way too good
at this game called Overwatch. Before the first real cracks
started to show in their armor. A loss to the Valiant, and subsequent loss
in the semifinals of Stage 3, revealed that maybe, just maybe, the Titans weren’t the colossal Canucks
we made them out to be. The Shanghai Dragons will go to
the Stage 3 Finals, and Bumper doesn’t look like
he believes it. I don’t believe it! What was that? Then came a new meta,
which meant 1 thing – a new path. And as GOATS died, so did Vancouver’s veneer
of infallibility, dropping 2 matches in their last stage. Will Vancouver prove to be
the titanic force of nature of old, or was this all just
a GOATS-tinted Mirage, a false oasis of Overwatch superiority? If we believe the words
of their touter of terror, the Titans certainly don’t think so. This has been Seth King… and Wallace. Until next time.

16 thoughts on “Watchpoint presents MasterPath Theatre: The Vancouver Titans

  1. The Vancouver Titans will win overwatch grand final against the shock it will be a close 3-4 victory with a tie on 2cp. Sinatraa will go non a killing spree and super will see his return after taking the stage off the prepare for the finals. Putting shock up in maps 3-1. But with Vancouver making a Hail Mary come back with hacksaw carries and incredible saves from twilight the reverse sweep comes to fruition. Leading them to face off one last time on control point where Vancouver will dominate.

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