We Assure You, Kevin Smith Loves Star Wars

We Assure You, Kevin Smith Loves Star Wars

– This week, tons
of new Star Wars was revealed at
New York Comic Con. – Plus, Silent Bob won’t
shut up about Star Wars. Seriously, it was a
45-minute interview. – That you only get to
see five-ish minutes of. – It was mostly swears,
and this is a family show. This is “The Star Wars Show.” From the Lucasfilm
headquarters in San Francisco, here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” the only Star Wars show on the internet
that is here to remind you that we are 73 days
away from “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” – I like to think of it more
like roughly 1,752 hours away from “Star Wars: The
Rise of Skywalker.” – Really? What about 105,120 minutes
away from “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?” – Do seconds next. – OK, can I sing them? – No. Well, let’s go to the news. New York Comic Con
was last weekend, and a plethora of Star Wars
publishing news was announced. – Some of the big reveals
of books and comics included a brand new trilogy
from Timothy Zahn entitled “The Thrawn Ascendancy Trilogy,”
which will, of course, star our favorite blue space boy. – The “Star Wars: The
Rise of Skywalker” novelization by
Ray Carson was also announced, plus a junior
novel by Michael Kogge. – A follow-up to “Star
Wars: Myths and Fables” titled “Star Wars: Dark Legends”
will be written by George Mann and illustrated by
Grant Griffin and will tell tales of the dark side. – It was also announced that
all current ongoing Marvel Star Wars series will reach their
dramatic conclusion at the end of the year with a new slew of
new ongoing titles beginning next year picking up
directly after the events of “The Empire Strikes Back.” – The first two titles announced
are the flagship Star Wars series, which will be written
by Charles Soule with art by Jesus Saiz
beginning in January. – A new Darth Vader series
written by Greg Pak with art by Raffaele Ienco will
begin in February. – It was also teased
that our favorite space archaeologist Doctor
Aphra will have a returning title next year. – Always need more
Aphra in my life. – We all do. For more on all of the upcoming
titles announced and teased at New York Comic Con,
including the multi-author “Project Luminous,”
check out starwars.com. – But the comic fun
doesn’t stop there. We have another
“Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”
exclusive preview before it hits shelves
on October 16th. – Written by Ethan Sacks
with art by Luke Ross, “Allegiance #2” has Leia
Organa on Mon Cala with some of the resistance’s
finest heroes, Rey, Chewbacca, and Rose
Tico, to ask for help from Admiral Akbar’s son. But our heroes aren’t
met with open arms. – To get a closer look at the
cover and some preview pages, head over to starwars.com/sws. – Shifting over to
games, General Skywalker is coming to the Star Wars
mobile game “Galaxy of Heroes.” – The chosen one will be
the most powerful character in the game to date
and can be earned by completing the new epic
confrontation Clash on Kamino. – The event will first
take you to the conflict raging in space
where you will battle against General Grievous. Then you will head
down to a ground battle and defend Tipoca
City from Asajj Ventress and the
separatist invasion with the help of General Kenobi. – General Skywalker is available
between October 11th and 13th. And for more details on all the
news stories we just shared, and for even more Star Wars
news from around the galaxy, check out starwars.com/sws. – Overjoyed to have sitting
with me here in the studio this week director,
writer, actor, blazer and trench coat enthusiast– – Yes. – –Kevin Smith. – Thank you. – Welcome, sir. – You know, I’ve heard
trench coat enthusiast, but blazer enthusiast is new. – Lately– – Number one, I’m
just happy to hear anyone use the term blazer. My mother was the one that
popularized that term for me. Everyone else calls them a
jacket or something like that. – Yeah. – But my mom is still to
this day– she’s like, tiger, you wearing a blazer today? I was like, blazer, Mom? – My mom says the same
thing, a smart blazer. She’s like you were
wearing a smart blazer– – Smart blazer.
– –on that thing. – My mom knows me well. She includes nothing
about smart in any of it. So blazer is good enough. – I was watching
“Endgame” the other night. – Yeah. – And as I’m sitting
there listening to War Machine and Ant-Man talk
about “Back to the Future”– – Right. – –it occurred to me
that before “Clerks” and “Mallrats” I don’t
think I had ever heard– – People talk about
other movies in a movie? – Just casually. You know what I mean? Just casually. – See, I remember one
of the last episodes of “Facts of Life.” Jo, the roughneck
girl, was like, hey, we’re all gonna see the new
Star Wars movie together. And my mind melted, where I was
like the girls from Eastland know about Star Wars? Like pop culture being
referenced in pop culture was so weird. So the notion of like talking
about movies within movies laid itself early on. Quentin Tarantino made
it possible for me. Because I saw “Reservoir Dogs.” At the top of the movie, they’re
doing the Madonna lyrics. – Yeah. – And I remember
watching that scene and being like, that counts? That’s movie dialogue now? You can just talk
about Madonna lyrics? If that’s the case,
I’m gonna talk about movies because
that’s all we talked about. That was our currency. Me and my friends didn’t
really talk to each other in original thoughts. We just quoted like
“Raising Arizona” and “Star Wars” and stuff. So we had had this
conversation about Star Wars, me and my
producer Scott Mosier, when we were in film school. We started free associating in
this coffee shop in Vancouver. This is like 1992. And there was a dude
in the coffee shop, wasn’t with me and Mosier,
sitting at another table. I see the dude slowly put
his paper down and listen. Now this was at a time
where, believe it or not, there was a moment
where people weren’t talking about Star Wars. And I think that dude was just
so electrified to hear anybody else talking about Star Wars. If we had waited
three more years, the internet would happen
and that conversation wouldn’t matter because you have
that conversation 1,000 times a day on the internet. – Right. – But we had it in real life,
and I saw someone react. And I said, I’m gonna put
that in the movie, man. I’m gonna include that scene. When I was writing
the flick, I was like, I’m gonna do that Star Wars
conversation I had with Mosier because I remember some
dude reacted to it. And then when the movie came
out, no matter where we went, that was the
international currency. They say the international
language is love or whatever. Not at all. The international
language is Star Wars. – That is amazing. And it’s amazing
now that like that is the common vernacular of
characters in pop culture now. – Yeah, it became the dominant
culture in pop culture. I just got lucky over
the course of my career that the things that I
really loved when I was a kid wound up becoming popular again. I was a kid who loved this stuff
like it was my own religion. I walked in to see “Star
Wars” at seven years old. I was young Catholic boy,
I walked out, I was a Jedi. And so long before
the internet, I would be that kid that
would go to the library, like wind microfiche
to read articles that were in other papers from
other states about Star Wars because that’s how you
get your news, right? Sometimes “Bantha Tracks,”
if you remember the club. And now we live in a
world where you’re gonna die before Star Wars will. I’m gonna die long
before Star Wars will. A child who’s born
in a hospital right now is gonna die before
Star Wars ever will. This stuff is with us forever. It’s delightful
to live in a world where it’s like that vernacular
is the common vernacular, is current vernacular.
– Yeah. – And when I was a kid, people
would be like, don’t waste your time with this stuff, man. You should learn something
useful and stuff. What are you gonna do with all
this knowledge about Star Wars? I literally live off
of it to this day. Star Wars is a cornucopia
that’s continued giving from the moment I first
walked into a movie theater to enjoy it till right
now in my career. Like I get to be on this
show because it’s like, oh, he referenced Star Wars once. The only movie that I probably
talk about more than “Clerks” is “Star Wars.” – You talked about Jay
and Silent Bob being R2-D2 and C-3PO, but
somewhere along the way they became Han and Luke. – That’s true. They were background
characters that slowly moved up to the foreground, and
that’s by virtue of the fact that Jason Mewes is
just that interesting. And for years, Jason Mewes
would be like, you should do another Jay and
Silent Bob movie. And I’d always always be like,
I’m shocked we got away with it once. I don’t know if we could
do that ever again. And so after trying to make
“Clerks 3” and “Mallrats 2” and watching them fall apart, I
got frustrated and I was like, you know what? Why am I banging my
head against the wall? I own these characters, and
Jay wants to make the movie. So let me just make a Jay and
Silent Bob movie again, man. He deserves it. – I love it. And you are touring
the movie around. You are going from city to
city, you and Jason are. – Yeah, so they can
go see it October 15th and October 17th at
the Fathom Events screening at any multiplex
anywhere in the United States. But if they want to
see it with me and Jay, we take the movie on tour,
man, like a rock group. We sit there and watch
the movie with everybody, and then afterwards
we all sit around and Q&A. That’s called
the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Roadshow Tour. I’ll be doing that from October
19th till February 26th, 62 dates. – And if they want to find out
when it’s coming to their city, where do they go? – They can go to
RebootRoadshow.com is the web address or
you just follow me on Instagram or Twitter, man. Believe me, I’ll shove my
stuff in your face constantly. I’m always in sales
mode, something I learned from this organization. – You’re watching.
– The Star. – Wars.
– Show. – I never realized how
similar the Star Wars universe is to the View Askewniverse. – Yeah, it’s funny how hundreds
of viewings of Star Wars can shape how a
filmmaker makes movies. But that conversation did
give me an idea for a “Clerks” Star Wars mashup
Halloween costume. – OK. – Jay-3PO and Bob-2D2. Maybe that should be
our costumes this year. – Huh. – Oh, or we could go as
Mark Hamill’s character from “Jay and Silent
Bob Strike Back.” What was his name again? Say his name into the camera. – OK, oh wow, look at the time. We better wrap this episode up. Remember to like the video,
subscribe to the channel, follow us on Twitter,
Facebook, and Instagram. – You can just say
no to the costume. Thanks for watching, and
may the force be with you. You do remember the name though.
Just– – You have to be Jay-3PO. – It’s a blonde wig
over a 3PO mask. And then we draw a beard on
you because that’s funny. – That’s always fun. – That’s good times,

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  15. Hi we want new trailer of Rise of skywalker with Palpatine pls upload we love star wars we want new trailer finál trailer we want very múch tomorow final trailer 😀😍

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