We Tortured ‘Stranger Things’ Star Gaten Matarazzo With ?| Expensive Taste Test

people put this on their face on purpose
oh no what is it what’s up guys I’m Gaten Matarazzo and I’m here to do
the Expensive Taste Test the rules are simple I’m gonna be given
two items and I have to guess which one costs more I’m excited
comic book that’s awesome more expensive. cheaper. this one’s older.
was that right? yeah I know I’m right! look at this can I keep this one actually? This is a pretty good issue. this is hard I don’t drink a lot of soda it’s just minty nooo! Is that root beer? oh.
here’s the thing.. That tastes like most root beer that I usually drink but it’s
not fancy root beer this one’s more expensive I’m gonna say because it’s
like it’s weird yeah I I don’t know you You don’t gotta do
something special something that’s already super great, you know what I’m saying? and when it comes to clothes I have no
clue. I feel like it’s gotta do something with the feelings. This was
not as stretchy. More expensive? Yes, I’m really good at this! I’m
really good at this, yeah! oh well I do have experience. I don’t know how to do it, someone
help me. These look fuller these look not full at all. You can see
like the spaces in between them and you can see like you can see like the weird
plastic-y stuff but I feel like it’s gonna try and throw me off somehow in some way.
Are these more expensive the fuller ones? They are? Okay, so I got it right, awesome!
yay lipstick? oh honey! I don’t know how to do this. I can’t tell. I gotta put on this one now. I could not tell
you. I’m kinda digging it. Am I looking sexy? I look like ‘Miranda Sings!’ I already know this one. Is this fromShake
Shack? oh gosh. Oh, this has spicy mustard on it. Cheaper. yeah!! I’m gonna look at the type of pasta. I’m gonna look at those and then we look at these noodles Oh Oh, same type of noodles. ooh but these are
like congealed together in a way I I really wanna get this right
because I’m on a streak right now oh Holy crap. It’s good! I don’t know if it’s cheap or not. enough see if
this one’s got a weird like a deal See? This one’s got a weird… That one’s got a weird
cheese in it. Like a Gruyere or something like that. I’m gonna say that’s
more expensive. It’s true? yes! oh my god! I’m so good at this I’ve noticed that expensive water tastes
like water from the tap that’s been sitting out for three days. More expensive. No! Dang it. Oh no…. I don’t know! Oh, this is where I go downhill, guys. Ugh, no. What is it? I know it’s a facemask but what’s in this thing. Terrible, awful feeling. I’d never want this on my face again. You
know I feel like I got a slimy rag on my face. Ugh that was way worse taking it off! Now we got this thing that looks like butter all right
ooh this one’s not as like, this one doesn’t have as much which probably means it’s more expensive this one doesn’t feel as slimy. It feels like
my cats giving me a hug on my face. I’m gonna say, this one’s more expensive yes oh heck
yeah see these ones look more traditional so
that means these are either really weird off-brand ones or they’re like fancy
off-brand yeah these are like the ones that I have all the time so that
either means that these ones are fancier or they’re like weird. Fancier. These are
fancier? yep awesome yeah I’m so good at this! I look at the patterns
oh it’s dark chocolate which is fancier but that might be dark also, too. More
expensive. Am i right? I am right okay cool. it can’t be triple
digits? no way Hey now! These got a shine to them but I
don’t know I think I might be able to figure this out because I’ve got a lot
of events when people got me fancy shoes before these are like
pretty roughed up I don’t know somebody wore ’em before and is this is completely
fine it’s not even like painted on they’re going to do it material I’m
gonna say these are more expensive really? Have I done better than most
though? Am I in the top five or something? really? heck yeah! okay I’m proud of that. yay that was fun, a lot of fun actually.
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