Welcome to SB19 Zoo | SB19 Acting Class [Sinong Bida? Ep.1]

Welcome to SB19 Zoo | SB19 Acting Class [Sinong Bida? Ep.1]

Sejun: Guess who’s the newest member of SB19.. Josh: It’s obvious SB-Penguin Justin : S-Penguin I will teach you how to do some acting So why is Josh already acting (a role)? He’s acting like he’s sleepy We did “Rock Paper Scissors” and who wins… He will be the Director For our Short, mini, short **JOSH** acting (class).. Just kidding.. I’m the Director for our SB19 Small short mini acting We will start on a topic SB19 ZOO What? ZOO I will be the… Animal JUSTIN: That’s why we have our mini Penguin here..
SEJUN: Wait, repeat what you just said.. SEJUN: You will be what?
JUSTIN: Zookeeper JOSH: You said you’re the animal!
JUSTIN: Did I say animal??? JUSTIN: NO! I mean I’m the zookeeper! Justin: That’s why we have this mini, small, tiny penguin here today.. STELL: SHORT! SHORT! JUSTIN: Ah.. SHORT penguin today because.. JOSH: Seems like you guys want to say something huh.. JUSTIN: *continues* .. because we’re here today at SB19 ZOO JUSTIN: First, let’s start with..
STELL: The person who’s wearing an animal print.. JUSTIN: Yes. Ken, you’re a leopard. JUSTIN: How does a leopard sounds like? KEN: ROAAARRR JUSTIN: Show us how a leopard acts sweetly.. KEN: GRRR *in a cute way* (Next), the magical leader who’s always on the top of trees
(PINUNO=Leader, which rhymes with PUNO=Tree) SEJUN: I think I know (what you’re gonna make me do)… STELL: That’s it! You just did it! JUSTIN: How does a monkey sound like?
STELL: He just did it! SEJUN: Like this! JUSTIN: I feel like I’m a monkey too since I understood what he said! JOSH: He doesn’t need a (translator)..
JUSTIN: We don’t need subtitles! KEN: Effortless, really! STELL: In fairness to this monkey, he knows how to dress up well! SEJUN: And I’m also wearing a necklace! JUSTIN: And the monkey also wears braces! STELL: Plus, he wears accessories too! JUSTIN: So show us how a monkey cries. SEJUN : OHHH OHH (HUHU) (Pinuno cringe at himself) SEJUN: I hope next time I will be the director.. JUSTIN: Of course we have a heavenly voice.. JUSTIN: What animal sings very well.. JUSTIN: None other than..
STELL: Jigglypuff JUSTIN: *continues*… BIRDS! JUSTIN: Show us when a bird..
SEJUN: .. a bird that’s angry! STELL: You want to see an angry bird??? SEJUN: Show us!! SEJUN: Woah, he’s really angry! KEN: Let me see! SEJUN: Why does it seem like you’re trying to make a little kid pee? JUSTIN: I feel like I need to pee! STELL: After getting mad, the bird would fly away JOSH and KEN: *makes wings flapping sounds* JUSTIN: Since you have white hair.. JUSTIN: You will be the magical goat
*goat=kambing* STELL: Oh, being a goat is easy! JUSTIN: Show us how a goat sounds like. JOSH: MEEEEEHHHH~ JUSTIN: Show us a goat who’s hungry.. JOSH: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHH~ JUSTIN: Don’t eat that! It’s dirty! JOSH: So, is that good enough?
Everyone: Yes, yes. JUSTIN: Since we are in a zoo, we will have a magical story. SEJUN and STELL: I like that. JUSTIN: But first, let’s give everyone names! JUSTIN: What would you like as your name? STELL: Thunder Wings! STELL: My name is Thunder Wings! SEJUN: Don’t you want Fire Bird? STELL: No, I like Thunder! Because thunder (symbolizes) being fast! JUSTIN: So you have to talk fast!
STELL: Of course! I’m a fast bird! STELL: I’m the fastest bird in the entire nation! JUSTIN: So what will be the name for our Pinuno (Leader)? SEJUN: I want to be named Justin! JUSTIN: ***huh***
JUSTIN: Next, what will be the name for our Leopard? KEN: Simba STELL: He likes to pray.
**Simba also means going to church** JUSTIN: and our SHEEP.. Wait, is KAMBING called SHEEP (in english)??
(Tupa=Sheep, Kambing=Goat) KEN: NO! GOAT! (Cullenbing)
Cullen – Second name of Josh
+ Kambing – Goat SEJUN: and since KEN is sitting on my right side, we can call him RIGHTpard.. instead of LEFTpard JUSTIN: But he’s sitting on MY left. JUSTIN: Okay, okay. Let’s call him RIGHTpard. JUSTIN: Because he’s always Right. STELL: But he’s in front of me! So, FRONTpard? JUSTIN: One morning.. JUSTIN: Everyone’s asleep. JUSTIN: and then.. JUSTIN: The bird woke up! JUSTIN: He started to rap. KEN: Does a bird do that??? JUSTIN: *ignores Ken*.. then the bird sees the goat who is sleeping soundly.. JUSTIN: That goat… JUSTIN: because he’s deep in his sleep.. JUSTIN: he’s not waking up. So the bird tries to wake him up. JUSTIN: But he can’t wake up the goat! Instead, he wakes up the Leopard! The leopard gets mad! JUSTIN: Now, the bird will get back at him! He will be mad too! (meanwhile, josh fell asleep) JUSTIN: The bird and the cat (leopard) will get mad at each other! JUSTIN: They will fight! JUSTIN: That’s a snake! STELL: No, it’s my beak. JUSTIN: And now the other two animals will wake up too! JUSTIN: The monkey will say.. JUSTIN: They’re disturbing his sleep! STELL: I’m convinced (he’s a real monkey) JUSTIN: The bird understands what the monkey is saying.. JUSTIN: So he will apologize to the monkey JUSTIN: Now the bird will sing the monkey back to sleep. JUSTIN: The other two animals will fall asleep, but not the monkey. JUSTIN: The monkey will get mad because the bird’s singing is not in tune! (you’re not in the right tune) JUSTIN: The bird will get shocked! JUSTIN: He insists he is in the right pitch! (I’m doing the right tone!) JUSTIN: Because of that, the SHEEP will wake up! I mean, the GOAT! JUSTIN: He will tell them they’re both out of tune! JOSH: (you’re both not in the right tone) JUSTIN: How do you tell them they’re not in the right tone! JOSH: AHHHHHH~ JUSTIN: The leopard will wake up too! STELL: That sounds like a dog. JUSTIN: He will say that it’s easier to rap. (let’s just all rap) skrrt skrrt JUSTIN: Because they’ve been talking for a while, it will start to get dark.. JUSTIN: The GOAT will start to get hungry.. JUSTIN: He will look for something to eat. JUSTIN: Don’t eat the bird! JUSTIN: Tell him to eat vegetables instead so he will grow healthy! (eat vegetables for you to grow) JUSTIN: Now, since the bird is always on the top of trees JUSTIN: The goat will ask the bird for food. JOSH: (can I have a food?) JUSTIN: The bird will get mad! JUSTIN: but the GOAT will try to eat the ANGRY BIRD! JUSTIN: GET ANGRY! JUSTIN: Bite the goat with your beak! JUSTIN: The GOAT will die. JUSTIN: They will get sad after they realize what they’ve done. JUSTIN: They will feel guilty that they didn’t give the goat any food. JUSTIN: They will apologize to each other. JUSTIN: They regret what they’ve done. (sorry Cullenbing) JUSTIN: They will gang up on the ANGRY BIRD. (you’re making us mad, Thunder Wings!) JUSTIN: The bird will answer.. JUSTIN: They will have a dance showdown! JUSTIN: The (dead goat) will start causing a bad smell… so bad that it’s fatal! JUSTIN: The three animals will blame each other! JUSTIN: The stench is getting worse. JUSTIN: In the end, they all died. JUSTIN: All the animals died in SB19 ZOO JUSTIN: Thank you very much. JUSTIN: Please watch out for the next episode. KEN: I’m drenched in sweat. JUSTIN: All I can say for this episode is.. JUSTIN: I am very happy because I got to play (and manipulate) my groupmates. KEN: You just wait.. JUSTIN: I’m just kidding.. JUSTIN: I’m so happy..
JOSH: Oh really?? You’re happy, huh?? JUSTIN: We will find out who will be the director for the next episode by playing… rock, paper, scissors. (Josh won!) JUSTIN: The next director of our SB19 JUSTIN: SHORT, MINI, SMALL, TINY acting class KEN: So that’s why (he’s the next director) it suits him perfectly! (referring to Josh) JOSH: What did you say??? The director who’s short, mini, small– good deal(?) tiny good deal(?) JOSH!! JOSH: Of course, we all know I’m the angel of SB19. JUSTIN: ANGLE? JOSH: ANGEL! I’m the kindest among all of us. JOSH: I will make it very easy for them. JOSH: They won’t even sweat even just a little. JUSTIN: In the return of…

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  2. sheeetttt kayooo ang gwapo nyo namang mga hayop kayo hahahahahaha shett sa lahat ng mga hayop kayo lang ang gusto ko pede ba kayong iuwee huhu nailegal ko na kayo kay mama, jusko

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  5. Maygash! Umpisa palang Jah!!! Ano yang SPinggwin mo???πŸ™Š

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  7. Justin = zookeeper
    Sejun = Monkey
    Ken = Leopard
    Josh = Kambing
    Stell = Angry Bird

    Sa sobrang galing nila mag acting. Nakalimutan nilang isali sa Sb19 zoo ang penguin. Hahaha

  8. "dahil sa show na toh napaglaruan ko ang mga kagrupo ko!" Justin ..

  9. No one literally no one.

    When justin said the bird did woke up leopard….and the leopard got angry he stab his hand to stell …and it sounded hard …..justin's reaction…like he really cares…πŸ₯Ίand that was so cute 😚πŸ˜ͺπŸ₯΄

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