What Can You Do with Ion AmpliSeq Chemistry? – Seq It Out #8

What Can You Do with Ion AmpliSeq Chemistry? – Seq It Out #8

Ion Ampliseq Chemistry is like your favorite
Swiss Army Knife. It is highly flexible and can be used across a multitude of applications.
So what are the key applications for this targeted sequencing? Let s find out today. If you ve had the chance to watch our What
is Ion AmpliSeq”! Chemistry and how does it work? video, then you will already know that
Ion AmpliSeq Chemistry enables researchers to zoom-in on specific genomic regions of
interest and investigate the presence of specific SNPs, indels and gene fusions faster, with
less cost and with far less DNA input as little as 10ng of DNA compared to other genetic analysis
approaches. So what are the key applications the research community is using for this targeted
sequencing technology? Let s take a look at our lab book First off, Ion AmpliSeq Technology can be
used to sequence both DNA and RNA (well actually the RNA is first converted to cDNA but hopefully
you get the gist). Ion AmpliSeq RNA sequencing is commonly used to answer gene expression
questions such as which genes are differentially expressed in my abnormal or diseased research
sample compared to my control? In fact, the ability to highly multiplex the enrichment
process with Ion AmpliSeq chemistry means that a single PCR reaction can be used to
generate greater than 20,000 different amplicons. That means that something like the Ion AmpliSeq
Transcriptome Human Gene Expression Kit can be used to measure the expression levels of
over 20,000 RefSeq genes in a single assay& and using as little as 10ng of input total
RNA! Quite remarkable. The other major application of Ion AmpliSeq
RNA sequencing is the detection of gene fusions, an important focus in cancer research. While
many chromosomal translocations have been identified, the breakpoints are often highly
variable. This makes using an Ion AmpliSeq targeted sequencingapproach using a panel
such as the RNA Lung Fusion Research Panel ideal for this type of work. Okay, now onto DNA analysis& Ion AmpliSeq
genomic DNA sequencing is largely being used to understand genetic variation detecting
SNPs, indels, and even gene copy number changes at specific base positions or across whole
genes in the genome. This mapping of genetic variation using Ion AmpliSeq Technology is
a research application that is being applied to the understanding of genetic disorders,
such as inherited syndromes, studying trait inheritance, furthering our understanding
of evolution and even being used to identify and detect important genetic markers to assist
with breeding programs for livestock and crops. As a result of its flexibility, Ion AmpliSeq
Technology enables researchers to zoom-in on specific hotspot mutation sites using a
panel such as the Ion AmpliSeq Cancer Hotsport Panel v2 for rapid analysis of research samples
across a wide range of common driver mutations. Alternatively, if the goal is the discovery
of new mutations, gene level sequencing with a panel such as the Ion AmpliSeq Comprehensive
Cancer Panel provides an all-inclusive approach. And, lastly, we can t forget its use in the
field of human identification. Ion AmpliSeq Technology s ability to work with mixed or
highly degraded samples or trace DNA quantities is ideal for forensic applications to help
generate more investigation leads or crack that tough case. What s unique about Ion AmpliSeq is the ability
for users to design their own panels targeting almost any genome. A free design tool, Ion
AmpliSeq Designer, can be used to create primer pools targeting a defined region of interest
within a reference sequence. You can go to ampliseq.com to get started on your designs
today! It s really easy, and remember, IT S FREE Well there you have it. What, on the surface,
is a straight forward technology that is enabling researchers in very different application
areas to answer extremely challenging underlying questions. Whether one of the predesigned
and Ready-To-Use Ion AmpliSeq Panels fits your needs or you need to consider the custom
panel route, Ion AmpliSeq Technology has the ability to help answer your targeted sequencing
questions. I hope this video was helpful on the Ion AmpliSeq
Technology, and I am sure you ll have more questions. Submit your question at thermofisher.com/ask
and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this. And remember, when in doubt, just Seq It Out

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  1. Hi Natalie, I really like your Seq it Out videos. I'm American living mostly in southwest Germany, a native speaker of English. Also, I have a PhD in Biology, and I've done a six year postdoc in Developmental Biology, albeit nine years ago. This morning, I've discovered your Seq it Out videos, and I'm using them to bring myself up-to-date regarding the new methods of DNA sequencing.

    You speak quickly. Often, I have to rewind your videos six or more times to simply get the words that you are saying. If I were a second-language speaker of English, I bet that I wouldn't be able to follow you at all. Would it be possible for you to offer the transcript of your Seq It Out videos in a .pdf format? Then I could simply print this out and follow along without having to try to write down every single word.

    Thank you for considering this.

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