What Does Human Barbie Look Like 7 Years After Becoming Famous?

What Does Human Barbie Look Like 7 Years After Becoming Famous?

Hello everyone today thanks to the Internet’s becoming famous is easier than ever the internet lives by its own laws here Absolutely. Anyone can shoot to fame and become a meme Just well, just because no rules no plans. It all just happens by chance However internet popularity vanishes as quickly as it appears just a few weeks later. Nobody even remembers you But we decided that this is not fair that’s why in today’s video We’ll try to find out what happened to people who were once Internet stars and memes heroes. Let’s get it on Valerio lucky, Innova Valaria lucky anova became hugely popular on the internet. Thanks to the photo. She’s been posting since 2002 on her pictures valaria shows her perfect porcelain skin her huge eyes and are absolutely unearthly Facial features. She looks like a doll or an elf She looks even more fantastic with a 48 centimeter wasp waist and dreamy makeup Valyria never wanted to look natural Rather she was proud of her resemblance to a Barbie doll now She has grown up stopped wearing bright makeup and prefers to look natural. Well as natural as a doll Beauty allows It’s even hard to recognize valaria compare these two pictures and you’ll see what we’re talking about. She also changed her career now she’s into metaphysics and meditation calls herself a medium a Mason a researcher and consults her founds on a variety of topics and even offers individual causes Valaria teachers how to achieve success in business control your energy and strength motivates and shares have beauty secrets She’s a very versatile person Backpack kid, do you know how to do the floss dance? This is a Special and incredibly amusing dance in which you have to swing your hips and wave your arms in front of you and behind you alternately American teenager Russell Horning invented these movements and they instantly made him famous everything happened as usual on August the 18th 2016 Russell posted a video on his Instagram account and Boom the dance went viral and other users does repeating it the moments of glory for the floss Dance came on May the 20th 2017 When Katy Perry invited Russell to perform with her on Saturday Night Live after that Everyone forgot about the dance and Russell himself until suddenly an usher performed it at a basketball game and then it became popular again Today 17-year old Russell has 2.2 million followers, and he always makes them happy with a few funny dances Otherwise his life isn’t any different from that of his peers He spends time with his friends love’s strange hairstyles and tries to enjoy his life except for a lawsuit Russell along with some other celebrities sued for tonight developers for using his dance moves without permission Apparently he didn’t care when thousands of people around the world were doing the dance But when the game did it Russell got offended for some reason line and Morris Every meme has its roots On June the 6th 2012 a parody to Justin Bieber’s song boyfriend appeared on the YouTube channel Wz our o 7 1 3 it was a girl with crazy eyes Rapping about what she would do if Bieber was her boyfriend doesn’t seem like much but the video instantly went viral Two days after it was posted It was viewed 1.3 5 million times the next day after the video appeared on YouTube an image from the video is uploaded to Reddit with the caption overly attached girlfriend And you probably know what happens when something potentially viral pops up on this website about two years later the character of the video was identified as a girl named liner from Texas liner decided to take advantage of sudden popularity and Confirmed her identity by posting more photos on her Facebook page as proof But that’s not the end of the story of the overly attached girlfriend unlike many other meme Heroes who suddenly became popular Lila actually managed to benefit from it and become a video blogger at first She used her overly attached girlfriend persona But then she just started making videos on different topics while many video bloggers lose Subscribers after such changes liners doing pretty well now our channel has 1.2 million subscribers justin, jedlica justin, jedlica a 38 year old american who became popular in the 1990s is known as the human Ken doll since childhood. He’s been striving for perfection at the age of 17 He underwent his first surgery He wanted to adjust his nose a little and he spent all of his savings on it. The results made justin so happy that he didn’t want to stop he saw a perfect body and cosmetic surgery as emblematic of the wealthy lifestyle he tried to emulate and he fulfilled his dream to date justin has been operated on more than 300 times according to some reports 340 times and you can find even bigger numbers online He had a nose job a buttock augmentation a lip cheeks and breasts enhancement as well as shoulder bicep and tricep Implants Justin did everything to match Ken the male version of Barbie and we must say that pee succeeded today He maintains his doll like beauty and doesn’t worry a bit about looking like a plastic doll in addition Justin, helps other people who want to undergo plastic surgery consulting them and finding specialists for any body modification Hides the pain Herald Sometimes internet popularity comes to people when they least expect it. That’s what happened to Harold around 2015 There was the internet trends to mock stock photo models One of them was an elderly man whose pictures were used in advertising of various goods and services for retired people Despite his smile the man looked unhappy like if he were trying to hide his pain Herald memes quickly spread around Finally the man showed himself turned out he was from Hungary and his name wasn’t Harold But Andrus Erato Andrus is not just an actor. He’s a well-respected Electrical engineer head to various professional associations and unions having revealed his identity Harold started receiving packages from his fans giving out Interviews, and he also signed a contract with an advertising agency and even starred in a music video otherwise His life is quite normal Harold lives in Budapest Goes to the swimming pool twice a week and loves walking around the city according to the man. Thanks to his fans He now spends more time online and often uploads photos and videos to his social network accounts Misread cookster Anyone can become a meme even a chef on January the 7th 2017 Nazaret posted a video of himself carving and seasoning a steak wearing sunglasses and a white t-shirt It might seem like nothing special but his hand movements literally conquered the world and two days later Everyone was talking about this Turkish chef Actually Nazaret was an active social network user before that and besides he was an experienced chef But he got really famous. Thanks to this meat by the way nose rat is not just a chef He also co-owns the popular Steakhouse Industry yet aware of his popularity the chef started using his signature gesture and posting new videos on Instagram by the end of 2017 Nazaret was already famous all over the world and opened several restaurants in different countries. Now, the chef has thousands of employees even though he started with only ten people working for him today Nusrat is still working in the kitchen since 2019 the steak house news rat has branches in Abu Dhabi Dubai Doha, Istanbul, Miami and New York GUI an Luka bocce Remember the dancing millionaire. We must have seen at least one of his videos because in 2016 they were everywhere Charismatic muscular tattooed Italian millionaire yon, lukovitch She was dancing on a yacht with his girlfriend, Georgia Gabriella in such a groovy way that it was hard to miss it. Later They were even more videos more dances and each time You could take a look at the details of his luxurious life But a year after the viral video in the summer of 2017 The Italian Press reports that the dancing Millionaire was having troubles with his business and creditors Apparently that she lost his villas and yachts to debts and the Italian Court Confiscated parts of the business property because of a loan debt some people on the internet were gloating Saying that he should have been working instead of dancing and sailing. Well you get the idea We don’t know whether this is true or not. But we do know this the Italian millionaire keeps dancing and enjoying his wealthy life Just like before and he’s still popular among his 12 and a half million followers on Instagram pixee fox’ Have you ever heard of pixee fox’ this young Swedish woman is the living embodiment of Jessica Rabbit and not by chance say you do look like you know magic to Pixie invested a lot of money in plastic surgery to turn into a living cartoon It’s mostly Jessica who inspires the girl to change But also Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and cartoon fairies in order to achieve a perfectly thin waist pixie had several ribs removed Even though it made her body so fragile that she has to wear a special corset and be careful with her diet Solid food can damage her internal organs, of course an average human person is very different from a cartoon character But that doesn’t bother pixie. She’s very stubborn about reaching an ideal body. She also has a lot of fans almost 500,000 Instagram followers Of course many people judge the girl for a reckless attitude towards her own body which may cause her serious problems in the future But pixie doesn’t care. She knows exactly what she wants Dude, are you looking for new technologies and great gadgets are your thoughts focused on the future? Do you love huge vehicles? And can’t imagine your life without robots around here and visit tech zone and you’ll find all this and more The link is in the description You interested great

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  1. shes fake n full of makeup ffs..morning tells a different story..fkin women ourdays are a sick joke shes a right mess..fkin yukk i can hear barbie crying from the shame.. THIS IS BARBIE ABUSE

  2. Russell got "offended" because you need to purchase the different dances, making fortnight millions… If you are going to make videos you should know what you are talking about.


    Truly the most brilliant practical business idea ever invented – to carry on business with ZERO investment. Truly fantastic. Of course thanks to God's free gift.

    With some training in the craft of writing – God's online posts are the easiest and best teaching – could write exciting authentic erotic bestsellers from genuine first hand experience. An even better option is to write short books and articles on how to have terrific s. (I am not being Sarcastic. Can't I write anything for God's sake without being suspected of Sarcasm?)

    I have heard that taking drugs like LSD etc. can make one have out of world experiences such as the feeling of floating in the air (as related to Me many years ago by a cousin brother who used to take ganja as a young college student).


    What's wrong with being in prison? Free food. No rent to pay. Protection. Having new friends. It's all about how you look at things. Half empty – or half full?!! – G

    Making a mountain out of a mole hill. What on earth does that mean?

    All are pr. – overtly or covertly – actually or virtually. No big deal. – G

    "Please for God's sake what on earth are these stunning words overtly and covertly and what on earth is virtually – no pr. has her room full of big dictionaries please. Pr. use v. – pr. can do without any dictionary."

    Esoteric words are sometimes used by One to avoid being Rude and Blunt.

    "Esoteric." Gosh.


  4. you know … we dont say guianluca vacci, his name is gianluca vacchi lol. Try to pronounce his name by listening to some Italian haha

  5. FYI: Justin was on but turned down and then on again as a consultant for the famous Drs in Beverly Hills that have their own

    show, Dr Paul Nassif and Dr Terry Dubrow from E’s reality TV show called “Botched”.

  6. Rustle didn't get any form of payment for his creation when the game used it. When other people used it, it was a compliment. You'd get mad too if someone made a profit off of your video while giving you none of the money.

  7. Well of course Russel was angry. When people were doing the dance, they weren't making money off of it or trying to sell it for income. Yet when Fortnight did it and made money did not get consent to use the dance. They also did not pay him a percent. If they had just gotten permission from him and offered him a percentage of the money they would be fine.

  8. Valeria looked so much better before she did all that doll stuff

    [Edit:] I've never heard of the dancing millionaire.

  9. To be honest , if fortnite to my dances i would do the shame thing cuz it's fortnite. Only for this i have 35% more respect for the backpack kid

  10. pixie has nice boobs but she will be dead by 60 her lungs and organs will give out unless she gets solid food (vegies) in her system

  11. she didn't invent that dance. I remember doing that move when I was seven or eight years old . He may have made it into a dance but he didn't create the moves. It looks a little bit retarded anyway. I can't believe they call that a dance move LOL

  12. So be as fake as possible if you want to achieve anything on social media. The sad thing is, that is what people are attracted to. No one wants to be themselves anymore.

  13. a barby doll represents to 100% the beauty ideal of americans.
    it's actually not beautyfull at all – looks more like an inbreed.
    and the thing with the game and the dancing move is also typical american. "when thousand of people arround the world dance like him – no problem, if it's in a game – he sued".
    you know exactly why – it's the reason you always show the property in the left corner … or you can close your shitty channel. insulting my intelligence is not an option.

  14. I swear it's probably the mandela effect or the wrong person but I really really remember hearing about the living Ken doll passing away many years ago does anyone know who that actually was?

  15. Wow I hate to see him when he's 60 years old yuk I bet you can see hes arm and chest implants in his sagging chest and arm yuk

  16. How about Oli London. That guy spend so much money to look like Jimin from BTS. He ended up looking like idk… weird….

  17. I dunno why but justin jedlica's face reminds me of squidward when he had his face smashed and he became graceful xDDD

  18. Dislike for the bait and switch. The video was interesting but there were at least a dozen instances that would of been real instead of made up that would have made me watch the video AND spared you the dislike.

  19. 2:15 Actually no, he didn't invent those moves. There's a video on YouTube from 2013 that has the floss dance. He just popularized it.

  20. This channel is on another level on click baits …realy i mus admmit the guy is gud….gut me gud …I watch till the end …

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