What is the BEST 3D Software? Maya vs 3dsMax vs Cinema 4D vs Houdini vs Blender

What is the BEST 3D Software? Maya vs 3dsMax vs Cinema 4D vs Houdini vs Blender

100 thoughts on “What is the BEST 3D Software? Maya vs 3dsMax vs Cinema 4D vs Houdini vs Blender

  1. Seriously, I use a combination of Microsoft's Excel and notepad. It's no joke, the results can be seen in my channel. The reason why I do that is, of course, data mining (Excel allows me to predict the position of a vertex based on surrounded vertices) and full control of numeric values (notepad allows me to access, set and change the values of each and every vertex, including position, texture coordinate, normal and skin weight {aka bone}).

    Of course, everybody should use the tool they like.

  2. Is there anyone who know the other software prices? except Blender(cuz it's free)
    (I was just interested in Cinema 4D and Blender, so that brought me here.)

  3. I’ve actually used 3ds max and maya student versions which are free. There’s also a student version of mud box

  4. Whatever happen or in future blender might going to be the biggest competition for the 3d sftwrs but one thing stand alone and that is 3D Max…becouse it is very powerful software for architectural n product designing….n I can't see any tough competition in near future for 3D Max..

  5. Thank you for this nice video. I have a question about the difference between industrial 3D animation using :
    – these softwares
    – CADsoftwares (e.g Solidworks) then Keyshot or Visualize
    Thank in advance

  6. I think this guy underestimate power of blender this is now complete package to build high class movies even Pixar recommend

  7. Still no answer, after trying everything since 1996, I am exhausted in trying to figure it out! Maybe XSI was the one of choice!

  8. 0:15
    1st program: oh thats mine
    2nd program: thats good but difficult
    3rd and 4th program: wtf are even they
    5th program: WORST

  9. I hate Autodesk just bought softimage even now just copy xsi features to 3d max and maya, VERY low contribution, hopefuly not happen in houdini, don't sell to autodesk. Be blender will greater than XSI ending.

  10. Blender user here. I agree with you in some aspects but I think Blender has come a long way. I think it's time for people to take Blender more seriously and don't disregard it as the little 3D software for the hobbyist.

  11. This video is exactly what I was looking for to get a direct, comparative overview of the different types of 3D software. Thank you so much!!!

  12. I really don't know why but I consider Maya and Blender wwwwaaaayyyy easier to learn than 3ds max…or maybe that's because there ain't much any good 3ds max tutorials…so sad 🙁

  13. Still today I use Softimage XSI 2015, which remains the best modeller and overall program. Those idiots at Autodesk killed it. Another amazing tool is Modo. Maya and 3DS are and always were garbage.

  14. i am still confused please help
    after watching a bunch of videos on the same topic i feel more confused
    nobody is giving a clear answer like this is the best software learn it
    everyone is like this is good and this is great and this is also great.
    I have no issue in learning even two soft wares but i am afraid that once i have learned a software and did some work in it , in the future someone going to say oh this work is much easier and have more control in other software. and i should learn that. Hours doing that work and hours spent on learning go to hell.
    i have learned blender to intermediate level after watching a video from blender guru and someone told me a few days ago that houdini is a better choice. and now currently i am learning nothing just trying to learn which thing to learn
    frustated i am
    i f anyone one want to help please tell me which software is better for 3d modelling.

  15. With the release of Blender 2.8, a lot more mainstream support is out for Blender. Also, the program, in my opinion is seemingly much more reliable for lower spec PC's (compared with C4D for example). There are also many support communities out including Blender's official discord server.

  16. 3ds max still can be used in vfx and animated film. It's very stereo type when people say maya is best for animation while 3ds max can do the same.It doesn't matter whether it's plugin based but what really matter is the end results.

  17. But i just want to animate a scene.
    My 2.5d animation. 🤓 2d animation plus 3d bkgrnd.
    Ue4 sucks ass i cast even move a camera around character.
    Which one is good for 2.5 d animation

  18. A friend of mine got Houdini and put 2 months into learning it for Game Development.. I've watched him crank out 10+ adventure game levels in under a week. Honestly, Houdini and Unity is really great match and once you figure it out, you can very quickly have a game near finished in way less time than using other 3D software. It's really all about your workflow and the type of project you plan to create. Houdini is the dark horse imo, especially for game dev. Side Note: The terrain creator in Houdini is God Tier.

  19. I have only started using blender recently and I'm really enjoying it and I would not like to pay for something like that I think it would be a great tool for anyone to get into. Blender all the way

  20. Tbh blender 2.8 is da best cuz good and modern interface,
    It has like almost all features from all of thoso tools, the addons are great and more

  21. I mainly use 3DS Max 2015 and not going to change, as 3DS covers all of my needs. I've used Maya as well as Blender too.

  22. Houdini is an absolute MONSTER. I use maya to model and I render EVERYTHING in Houdini. It’s made rendering an absolute pleasure.

  23. i would like to use maya, but this software way too expensive

    I just hope when i learn basics i can switch to this awesome app from blender.

  24. Blender, as of 2019, is being used in major film and tv productions eg- The Walking dead, The man in high castle. So it's not a 'personal tool'. Blender has no limits.

  25. Hey! I already know a lot in Maya, like I can model stuff and do basic rigging, but animation is still a bit difficult. Should I switch to blender or stick and learn with maya? I want to make a 3D animation short film

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