White Lies |  Tuakiri Huna – Theatrical Trailer (NZ)

White Lies | Tuakiri Huna – Theatrical Trailer (NZ)

43 thoughts on “White Lies | Tuakiri Huna – Theatrical Trailer (NZ)

  1. hmmh – i loved mt zion, but i wasn't really feeling this. visually it was dull. hope i am pr
    proved wrong, but this doesn't make me excited to see it

  2. This looks awesome, i just wished they had used someone other than that girl off the blue rose and outrageous fortune

  3. Disappointing really. Visually appealing only. The three leads are weak actresses, especially Antonia Prebble. A role like this is simply beyond her.

  4. I just went to see this today, I CAN SO RECOMMEND IT! It was one of the most twist turning New Zealand movies I have ever seen. Defiantly worth the time 😀

  5. A group of us saw this movie in Wellington on Tuesday? Brought back memories of tradition and how we do things, spiritually and in prayer. The movie didn't rate well with some .. "How wrong can one be? "If one has that connection, one will understand? I recommend this movie too.

  6. I just saw this movie this afternoon and it was AMAZING !!!! Very deep…
    I wouldn't recommend it for anyone under 15 years of ages because it get a bit hard to watch and the story is quite intense , but its amazing

  7. Where can I watch it free? I'm not subscribing to anything either. I'm a K1W1 (hell no we won't pay) so we must be able to watch it for free somewhere

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