Who works in the theatre? About Operational Roles in the shows

Who works in the theatre? About Operational Roles in the shows

Hey guys! Have you ever been interested in how the show
gets run every day in the theatre, and which people work on it? It’s me, Dan Zagorii again with you. I work as the technical director in the theatre in UK. And I know everything about the theatre work. So, today guys, in this video I’ll tell you some operation roles of the theatre. And what people do during the performances getting started and going. And, by the way, guys thanks for watching me today. If you like this video so far, put me thumbs up. I’ll appreciate it. About some weeks ago I did the video about the creative
roles of the theatre. And how the show gets prepared. But then, the main question would be…
OK, so one of the show is prepared. Is it just running without people? Or what is going on in the theatre every day, when the show is running? So today, in this video, I’ll explain you people who will run the show and who are working on the show every single day. So, the main role of the theatre is a stage manager. The stage manager is the person who is responsible for all backstage. For all technical crew, for the safety, for the fire alarms, fire drills and everything. There are 3 main types of the stage managers working on the show. So, the first one is the main stage manager. The second one, is the deputy stage manager. We call it DSM. And the third one is the assistant stage manager. We call it ASM. So now I’m gonna explain you the differences between three of those people. So, the stage manager is person who is just responsible for the backstage. In the meantime, when the show is not running he is doing some actors careers. And then he is hiring some tech crew. So, he is responsible for everything that runs in the theatre every day. Deputy stage manager or DSM is person, who is calling the show. So he has a script in front of him. And he just calls the lighting, sound, visual cues for the operators
in the tech box to under scene and to make everything in time. And the assistant stage manager, the ASM, how we call him.
He is responsible for the cleanness on the backstage. He is responsible of the stage removements, of some props. He is taking care of…
like…I don’t know…any decorations or any technical props, lighting stuff. So he is just the person who manages backstage. And then, above them, stage manager watches all of them. OK, and guys, do you know any other
technical roles in the theatre while the show is running? If yes, comment below. Yes, I talked about the good people like the people who are doing some managing. And then I’ll mention some operators. So now,
I’m gonna explain you what operators actually do. So, sound and lighting operators are just sitting in front of the computer. And they’re just pressing the “Go” button. So, all the cues are going in the same time. And they’re…how director and the stage manager want them to be run. Then we have the sound board operator. He is the guy who manages all the microphones, all the speakers’ volumes. So then speakers don’t give the feedback or like people don’t see how the…sound is going. So it’s all on him. And then the visual operator is the guy who manages all the projectors, all the…I don’t know…like visual cues, and all of that. There are also many engineers and mechanics working on the show every day. There’re people who monitoring all the electricity, all the power. They’re taking care of the fire, if the fire exists in theatre.
And then they’re also maintaining all the lights and sound. So, when the show is running nothing breaks.
They’re really important people, but you never see them. And, to be honest guys, everyone one who are mentioned in this video are all really, really, really important people
for the play and for the theatre production. But none of us actually see them. So that’s why you may not know all of them. But that’s why I’m explaining it to you. ‘Cause it’s really tricky, but just know they’re really important
and without any of them the show won’t run at all. So, in this video guys, I’ve explained to you
some operational roles. And how the show gets run. So I’ve told you about stage managers,
maintaining department and then the operators. I guess, this video was interesting for you. And I hope, you enjoyed it. If you enjoy this video, go ahead and put me thumbs up. Comment below. There’re lots of videos coming up. I have lots of interesting information in my content. So, just feel free to subscribe. And this channel will be really interesting for you if you’re interested in film and theatre. Thanks for watching guys.

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