Why Are Gamers Upset With Battlefield 5?

Why Are Gamers Upset With Battlefield 5?

What’s up everybody? This is the Act Man here! And today we’re gonna talk about Battlefield 5. Now the trailer has garnered a lot of controversy since it came out. The likes and dislikes are sitting at a bizarre ratio of about 40% likes and 60% dislikes. Now “Why is that?” you might ask. This isn’t Infinite Warfare. Going back to World War 2 isn’t supposed to be a largely questionable move for Battlefield. I don’t think Battlefield fans are opposed to going back to that era. So what’s the deal?
Why are people upset with Battlefield 5? I think I have the answers or at least some of them. And I wanted to talk about them because this has been such a highly requested video for me to do.>>Video: Oooooookaaayyy! Now just so you know where I stand with the franchise I’m not the biggest fan of Battlefield. For a while I was just a casual player who enjoyed the games from time to time. And then Battlefield 1 came out and I found myself absolutely loving it, absolutely hooked. It’s fine if you didn’t like Battlefield 1, that’s not the point. I’m just letting you know where I stand with the series. Now I’m kind of at the point where I’m deciding if Battlefield is something I really want to get into. Battlefield 5 is that turning point for me. Will this become one of my “go-to” franchises? And just like Black Ops 4, for clarification sake, we don’t know too much about the gameplay and how it’s actually going to turn out. And trust me, I really do hope the game turns out good. Now, personally, I wasn’t too butthurt over the trailer. I kinda shrugged if off, again, cuz I’m not necessarily a hardcore fan. But I think what I can do is describe and talk about how gamers and, perhaps, some of the hardcore fans feel about it and maybe can’t describe it themselves. So when I watched the trailer for this game I had no idea what I was supposed to be feeling. And that’s never a good thing, people.
First impressions matter SO MUCH. At first it was like trying to be taken seriously …>>Offscreen cry: Find cover!>>Bold soldier: Ah!>>Claw-woman soldier: Bloody move! … and then these on-screen characters would die and come back, and they would try to be funny, it tried to have some sort of comedy around the idea of respawns, I think?>>Claw-woman soldier: Ello old friend! And then you had a sort of Michael Bay type over-the-top sequence of action, interspersed with scripted gameplay. It was bizarre and in stark contrast to the Battlefield 1 trailer, which was balls-to-the-walls crazy awesome. When you watched it you understood exactly what it was gonna be about: crazy awesome World War 1 video game. Just comparing the like and dislike ratio between the two trailers should tell you exactly where people stand on them. DrDisRespect watched the trailer on his livestream and I think what he says here kind of encapsulates the confusion most of us feel:>>DrDisRespect: I’m just trying to figure out if this bridge was damaged from the war or if that’s the period, like is this an apocalyptic steampunk period?>>DrDisRespect: I’m just trying to figure out what the hell?! Is this World War 1, World War 2?!>>DrDisRespect: Is this…is this like a sort of futuristic civil war in the United States?>>DrDisRespect: Is it Cold War era?>>DrDisRespect: It’s World War 2!? Okay And again it’s never a good thing when you watch a reveal trailer and you have no idea what the game is supposed to be, what it’s trying to be or where it’s supposed to be set in. That’s the whole point of a trailer! So one of the reasons people are upset is because they simply don’t know what they’re looking at. Is this supposed to be a serious World War 2 game? Is this supposed to be a crazy zany Wolfenstein type deal? What is it? Battlefield 5 is in a conundrum now because people are tired of advanced movement and modern FPS games, so they want to go back to World War 2. But DICE and EA want to have women in their World War 2 game. This poses a problem as about 99.999999% of the people who fought in World War 2 were men! That doesn’t mean you can’t include women, but what DICE is doing with this trailer is taking a historical nonfiction setting and time period and they’re putting a huge emphasis on this claw-woman. In the short 2 minute timespan she’s on screen for about half of it. Naturally she’s gonna rustle some jimmies. And I’m not so much talking about historical accuracy and realism whether this woman was actually here in whatever conflict this is supposed to be in. What I’m talking about is forcing something down the throats of your audience – nobody likes that! And let me also say that nobody ACTUALLY has a problem with women being in video games. I mean maybe there’s a few, like actually sexist retards out there, who say “No” across the board. But this is all like, some big tin foil hat conspiracy that men want to keep women out of video games, it’s…it’s stupid. No, we don’t, you fucking clowns! The problem is it needs to be done right! As with any other thing in this world when you put women at the forefront of your World War 2 video game AND ON THE FREAKIN COVER, and then you pioneer it as being on the right side of history you come off as a pretentious cunt! You know that? You come off as forcing diversity, forcing your audience to accept something, no matter how poorly you portray it, no matter how shitty your presentation is. So this video was originally going to be about JUST THE REVEAL TRAILER but i decided to update this video
instead of posting it after that initial trailer so we could get more information from E3. Now what’s even more odd is the actual multiplayer trailer for Battlefield 5 that recently came out is completely different to what we had before. This is what we should’ve gotten in the first place – something that just showcases the game and doesn’t try to push any sort of agenda. At the same time it shows story mode cutscenes and like a lady throwing her child into the water. So it still feels bizarre in that sense but this gave me a much better taste in my mouth than the initial trailer did. I think it all boils down to a marketing campaign that is more confusing than it is illuminating. And with the announcement of a “battle royale” mode you have to wonder if this series is going to go into territory it’s really not supposed to. To be fair Battlefield seems like the type of game that could easily adapt and make a “battle royale” mode because they already have the huge-ass maps and tight gameplay that’s necessary for that sort of thing. I’m actually interested in what they do with that. But so long as operations returns and Battlefield 5 offers a great amount of content what fans expect without sacrificing core essentials then, perhaps, fans and even myself will be happy with it. Another thing to consider is judging from the live stream and other information we’ve gotten, the trailer isn’t really representative of what the game will be like. Seems like this is mostly just marketing dropping the ball. The issue is your advertising this game and people want to know what it’s about. They want to know what’s important. So when the majority of the focus revolves around some steampunk-claw-girl people get confused and now they start thinking: “Oh, this is gonna be a World War 2 video game with a very obvious and not so restrained agenda about equality with women”. Did anybody ask for that? Did any hardcore Battlefield fans think about what they wanted to see most out of this trailer and say: “Oh, I really wanna see, you know, women being equally represented”. No! Not at all! And again it’s not so much an issue of women in video games OR historical accuracy – there were women who fought. It would be cool to see some more of that. As someone pointed out to me on Twitter, we’ve seen more than enough generic burly dudes in video games. But it’s SO forced, it lacks ALL subtlety. I guess I just don’t understand why DICE or EA thinks they need to pander and sell out to the SJW’s and political correctness. Because when you do that you do that at the cost of your own fans. You can have these themes and messages and “under-the-radar” agendas. It just needs to be presented in a digestible way. The problem with Battlefield 5 is it appears like it wants to be a quirky crazy spin on World War 2, which i’m totally down for. But at the same time it wants to be taken seriously. And that’s kind of like going to a ted talk and getting lectured by a guy in a clown suit about how to prevent suicide. It, it just…it hurts your brain! So you look at something like Wolfenstein. And Wolfenstein knows what it is, you know what it is, there’s no confusion. I mean this is very obviously NOT meant to be taken seriously or meant to BE historically accurate. Wolfenstein leans to the crazy creative side almost entirely. Realism is part of the issue but the more important problem is forcing your audience to accept something, forcing these two ideas: the crazy zany style and the serious over-the-top action to come together and work symbiotically. And it just doesn’t.It creates a contradiction.Go for one or the other. You want women and more diversity in your World War 2 game? That’s totally fine! I encourage that. But why do you have to force it? Why does it need to be shoved in our faces, that that’s what you’re doing? Ever heard of a concept called SUBTLETY RESTRAINT? So the inclusion of women seems to be something that’s only there for surface value – the surface value of women in a World War 2 game, because it wasn’t presented in an interesting way. So now people are associating Battlefield 5 with women’s rights and equality, and equal representation, and that’s not THE THING you should be associating with a World War 2 game. Someone on Reddit pointed out that the deluxe edition costs more and has a man on the cover which is hilarious AND ironic. But what’s even more telling about this situation is the DICE developers response: “I knew this was going to be a fight when I pushed for female soldiers in Battlefield. I have a daughter and I don’t want to ever have to answer her question of “Why can’t i make a character that looks like me?” with “Because you’re a girl”. I fundamentally feel to my core this is the right way and I will find myself on the right side of history”. So now we have a dice developer not only confirming the force diversity, confirming the agenda, but confirming that he has his head so far up his ass. He thinks he will be remembered in the history books for this. Are you serious, dude? Stop taking yourself so seriously! It doesn’t matter what franchise it is when you start blatantly pandering to trends, beliefs, politics or social issues when they really don’t belong. It’s gonna piss people off because you’re not being subtle about it. And in this case the forced agenda is making Battlefield fans upset because they don’t buy these games to be told how equal women are! You think about some of the greatest female protagonists in the history of fiction writing and ask yourself “Why they work so well?”. I can tell you right now it’s not because the authors forced this character into the position they were in, it’s because they work! Ripley works in the “Alien” movies for a variety of reasons. In the second film she’s surrounded by a bunch of burly cocky badass soldiers, who in the end turn out to be a bunch of pussies, while she’s the only one who really knows what they’re getting into. She’s BELIEVABLE! Ripley didn’t start off as a badass, she became one because she had to. But the other aspect is “Aliens” wasn’t just a movie about female empowerment. The trailer for that movie didn’t shove this agenda down your throat. And yeah, it’s not fair to compare one of the greatest films of all time to a two-minute video game trailer, but my point here is subtlety. If you can have some modicum of subtlety and restraint in the presentation of your art you can get your audience to accept just about anything. But this trailer DOESN’T. It doesn’t feel authentic. That’s the reason people are upset. It wouldn’t feel authentic to Have women in the Battlefield 1 trailer because that would’ve ruined the whole point, the whole focus of returning to World War 1. Something we BARELY get to see in video games. Where women were BARELY EVEN INVOLVED in actual combat, less so than World War 2. Authenticity ladies and gentlemen. It matters. I love the other part of the DICE developers comment about how he didn’t want to explain factual history to his daughter, and how his daughter would even care in the first place about playing as someone who looks like her. It’s like dude if your child hasn’t learned, about World War 1 and 2 chances are she’s probably too young to play this game. And second, this coment is literally saying you want to spin history in a way that can make your daughter feel included in World War 1 and World War 2. That’s important to you? Why? Is it really important to people that you’re able to play a video game and have a character that looks like you? In some games yeah, but for most of them not really. How many people play Mario games and aren’t 4 feet tall italians with a kick-ass mustache and overalls? Why can’t I make MARIO look like ME? You don’t have to be physically similar to characters in any video game, book or movie in order to make connection with them. That’s retarded! So in a nutshell, people are not so much upset with females in a World War 2 game, they’re upset with the shitty presentation and forced diversity of the trailer. Now on the positive side it appears that EA and DICE will ditch the micro gambling loot boxes in favor of “buy what you want” cosmetics just like Titanfall 2. And I’m all for that. And I’m not holding my breath because EA still has a lot of trust and faith they need to rebuild with people. But that sounds like good news to me either way. In any case those are my thoughts on the Battlefield 5 trailer and why people are upset with it. It was pretty bad, especially by Battlefield standards, and I don’t have any problems with how the gameplay looks. But the forced agenda and enforced diversity is certainly raising an eyebrow or two on my part. But what do you think? Did you enjoy or dislike the trailer and why? Do you plan on getting the game? Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below. That’s all I got for today, this is the Act Man, signing out. Peace!

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  1. Yes, people! I will be doing a video on Halo Infinite and perhaps talk about some of the other games I'm most excited about from E3. It'll be two separate videos so hold onto your butts!

  2. When they call us sexist again remember That’s not even a woman that’s a female presenting cyborg

  3. Female soldier with a prosthetic arm in a "realistic" WWII game.

    'either accept it or don't buy the game'

    '…on the right side of history'

    'These are people who are uneducated…'

    These were reason enough for me to not buy the game.

  4. I think it’s kinda fucked up to do these kind of things, like its disrespectful to the people that died and fought in ww2, not saying that there should be no women but it shouldn’t be over the top.

  5. Even Though Everyone Thinks Loot Boxes Were Bad It Allowed More Diversity And No, I'm Not Encouraging Battlefront Type Loot Boxes More Like Battlefield 4 Lootboxes Where You Could Buy Them If You Wanted To But Either Way You Would Gradually Unlock Them After Every 1-2 Levels.

  6. The people defending this horsecrap videogame spew accusations of sexism in EVERY direction, and claim this game is SO HISTORICALLY ACCURATE that your history books pale by comparison – even as it literally performs historical revisionism on the destruction of a norwegian heavy water treatment plant.

    Meanwhile, they are 100% mum on the existence of games like Planetside, the pointing out that women even with cybernetics would be right at home in a remake of Battlefield 2142, or even when people toss references around to the Night Witches or other small but real women groups on the soviet front…

    This, above all else, needs to be reiterated over and over and over again. These people do NOT care about women, they only care about tearing down anything and everything they can that is typically popular among men.

  7. Why is this even a problem in the first place. Why is it so hard to simply respect fucking WW2 veterans and the conflict itself.

  8. Loved bf3, loved bf4, loved bf1. Regret buying 5. Dice please don't fuck up bad company 3(next speculated battlefield)

  9. If they really wanted to include women on the forefront of the game, theres an easy, historically accurate way: lots of Soviet women fought in the Red Army, just have a campaign with that.

  10. It’s funny to me that there aren’t very many Great American battles like d-day Pearl Harbor especially considering we ended the war. I guess that falls back not being historically accurate. The stories they did have were cool of course but why not have the best battles ones that I’d enjoy playing for the history and the fun of it

  11. I liked battlefield V the story and more but i feel like because most men are stronger then woman i feel lime a bad ass fighting as a girl shooting tf out of solders

  12. And they couldve implemented a character like that historically pretty easily. They could've had a medic or a female russian sniper or something, they could've even touched on the contribution women made to the war effort on the supply side. They made food vehicles clothes etc. Just flat out lazy writing.

  13. 9:10

    Wait a minute, is that BF1 footage? Is that some Lawrence of Arabia bullocks? Did they actually feature in their campaign a story about one of the most overrated parts of WWI, that had literally no effect on either the Ottoman Empire nor the war as a whole? Seriously, you could utterly remove Lawrence and all that jazz from WWI, and nothing would've changed. Their raids did no lasting damage, not inconveniencing the Ottomans in the slightest, and in fact achieved about as much as the regular Bedouin raids prior to the war.

    Sorry, the importance and significance placed on Lawrence and his entourage is a pet-peeve of mine.

  14. If DICE and EA wanted women to have a spotlight in their game or have a way to push their agenda of equal representation, they should’ve told a story that includes the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, or the Night Witches, who were some of the most dangerous bombers the Soviets had at their disposal. If they didn’t want to make a mission about the Night Witches, they could’ve told a story about Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko, a female Soviet sniper credited with 309 kills.

  15. They included women in bf1 and no one cared because it worked and made sense. They could have done something similar here, but I think they intentionally did it this way in order to aggravate people and start controversy

  16. For me it was 100% the ww2 setting honestly it fucking sucks for a game like battlefield where vehicles are such key parts of the game.

  17. Women in WW2 were drivers, nurses, pilots, mechanics, soldiers, scouts, snipers and rebels to fight for their country. At least show the Women's Army Corps, Navy Women's Reserves, Women's Reserves Marine Corps, Royal Air Force operators and Soviet Night Witches for peep sake. Do you know or remember about Rosie the Riveter. Jesus Christ!

  18. wtf. what in the fuck reason is that. "because youre a girl??" pfttt what the fuck….
    i tell you why little daughter. it because in ww2 theres no woman fighting became soldier kill german soldier in ww2

  19. There was loads of women in ww2, in the soviet army, French resistance… It's putting them where they weren't, like in the British army with stupid claw arms that gets people mad

  20. He couldn't pick up a book and maybe tEach his little girl the role woman did play…you could take what you said and apply it to the democratic candidates…it comes off as not authentic, it pisses ppl off

  21. Developers are ¨politicizing¨ video games because gamers like you dont seem care about politics outside of video games unless you only care about video games then you must not care about politics at all. People like you say that you dont care about politics in your games yet get upset about censoring symbols like swastikas and not having historical accuracy (And By The Way Your Textbooks Are Created And Organized By the Government Which Makes These Arguments Political) while 100 percent of history is about politics since everything about history is about countries and wars which are started by politicians. Jesus Christ, You types of gamers are hypocritical. God Have Discipline And Enlightenment On Your Soul. Shut up and care about something important and useful for once and stop being so ignorant and careless

  22. 1. Y'all would be so mad if they made a game about the Night Witches.
    2. It's a game. It's not going to be 100% historically accurate because things have happened that we don't know about and there are things that are, for lack of a better term, overly embellished.

  23. I can't play multiplayer because my age got wrong on ps4 my fault but at list i am enjoy the campaign like in bf 1 i glad it wasn't like bf4 boring campaign it was fun at all

  24. When I saw the V I hoped for Vietnam, but instead Battlefield had to have another WWII game because COD went back to that war. As expansive as World War 2 is they tend to focus too much on one or two theatres of the war. Maybe if Battlefield 5 had plenty in the Pacific theatre as well, and some in the Eastern front then you'd have a full game.

    If they did make it in Vietnam they could've had their women fantasy too, plenty of women in the Vietcong and even some in support roles for the NVA. Or make a Korean war game, plenty of attrition based modes and armor. And Vietnam would work for the asymmetrical style of some modes like rush where the attackers have armor and the defenders have more dug in emplacement weapons.

  25. They should’ve just made all the characters female BUT made the game’s campaign just make you build equipment like guns, rations and tanks, would’ve wiped the smiles off the SJW’s faces

  26. Video games being forced with sjw bullshit is fucking sad. I’m okay with sex and racial diversity with games but if it’s historical don’t force it. It makes game devs look like bitches.

  27. Alot of my dissapointment comes from the fact that I played BF1942 and all its DLC and then I played 1943. Then BFV came out and it left me wanting so much more and believing they could've done so much more.

  28. Dont mind to have woman as soldiers. The Game just need to be good and AWESOME thats my keypoint ? dont need to be 10000% hisroric .. Just give me the tools of that time ,, weapons vehicles the map aaand destruction ? Woman fought in that time rebuild the destroyed citys much much braver than half of the man before there TVs ??
    But Whey need to represent that in an interisting way without forcing down the throught

  29. There is no way to add a female to a war game pre modern war without people screaming “forced diversity” it really just doesn’t matter. Nobody is gonna be fooled into thinking that women were the driving force in world war 2. Just like nobody thinks you can just wait out a bullet wound

  30. Your so right though, the video game world has gotten too politically correct with things that they change the whole course of their game just to please the absolute minority of the population

  31. it's just SO stupid and pointless.
    You didn't have to FORCEFEED us with fucking feminism leftist propaganda and call whoever regurgitates this disgusting ultra-liberal cum,
    a fuckin' sexist racist cunt of a man cuz like, who the fuck,
    in 2019, still thinks women are the worse subordinate version of men? In the most parts of the world, women are considered humans and almost everyone is completely fine with women being in the army.
    The only people who HATES female soldiers are the old-ass Jesus loving senile white men whom, just in case you didn't know, doesn't play videogames.

  32. Just have one question, how are those bayonet charges so smooth, i usually run into my enemy and continue charging without hurting them

  33. As someone who loves history BFV pisses me the fuck off if I'm going to play a WWII game I want it to at least try to be fucking accurate cause if you don't try to be accurate then what the fuck is the point of having it be in a historical setting…..

  34. Then dont reply with "because you're a girl" to your daughter. Instead, explain that during world war 2 women didnt fight in the war, they were too busy keeping the factories and businesses going so that the men could go and die for a world free of nazi tyranny. I understood this when I was fucking 7 years old, if your daughter doesnt that's a major problem.

  35. The game in which the words "white man" are censored because I guess it's cool to be sexist and racist against white man these days even tho not all of them are assholes yikes

  36. It wasn't just the fact that women are in the game, it was Dice and EA's response. If battlefield 5 was portrayed well and women were In the game, and EA wasn't being a super pretentious and self centered White Knight, it would be better. Fuck EA.

  37. This is funny watching this a year later people still having hope for it lol it’s literally dead now less than 30,000 monthly players

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