Why Regenesis Arcade Deluxe is awesome?!

Why Regenesis Arcade Deluxe is awesome?!

why Regenesis arcade deluxe is awesome
in Regenesis arcade deluxe you have five different weapons that you can
upgrade including blaster shotgun railgun gravity gun and shield – shield it’s not a weapon – our shield is a weapon! You can use it like a baseball bat
grab red barrel trigger it so it sets on fire
then hit it with your shield and kill bunch of enemies do you like minecraft? Eee kinda so you can make yourself a shelter in VR and stay there forever
in Regenesis arcade deluxe there are robot spiders – I HATE SPIDERS – so you can kill them by
throwing them into space in Regenesis arcade deluxe you can have a turret your turret can shoot enemies with speed of 6000 rounds per minute – holy s***t -watch your language we want to stay pegi 12 – im sorry i didnt mean to – your welcome but this is just a next wave shooter no it’s not in Regenesis arcade deluxe you have to teleport all over the place, on to towers and over the cliffs we have powerups including god mode double rate of fire double damage and
more we have leaderboards so you can play forever and ever
we have leveling system we have awesome weapon upgrades including freezing shots
double barrels and life steal it’s available now on Steam

3 thoughts on “Why Regenesis Arcade Deluxe is awesome?!

  1. Скажу сразу, что советую.
    Но закиньте свои глаза на значек Unreal engine(для тех кто не вкурсе, на нем можно собрать красивейшие игрушки). И я вас уверяю что он там не спроста. Создатели реально постарались с графикой и оптимизацией игра ОТЛИЧНО ТЯНЕТ на 1050ti на ноутбуке!!!! ДА такое возможно.
    Хочется Отметить один жирный минус точнее взрывоопасную мину на которую наступают почти все создатели игр VR .
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