WICKED Star Hannah Corneau Discusses Playing Elphaba, Her Journey to Broadway & More

WICKED Star Hannah Corneau Discusses Playing Elphaba, Her Journey to Broadway & More

(music) – Hey I’m Hannah Corneau and I play Elphaba in “Wicked.” I grew up in a small upstate New York town and my family did community theater. I remember going to rehearsals with my dad and my sister for a production of “Annie” when I was like, four and just being enamored with it. Funnily enough, I was in a
production of “The Wizard of Oz” and I was the Wicked Witch
of the West when she melted. Like the adult woman
melted into the cauldron and I came out, as like, a melting self. It was crazy. My first experience with “Wicked” was when I was 13-years-old. I went with a friend for her birthday and I was lucky enough
to see the original cast. Oh, and I just remember crying so hard at “Defying Gravity” that
my friends next to me were like, “You good, you okay?” I mean it just was so, it shook my spirit. Sometimes you just see theater and you identify with specific parts and I certainly identified with Elphaba. When I was in high school
I think I discovered that I really loved this
and I was good at it and that made me feel really good. I think I was definitely an Elphaba. I didn’t follow the crowd. I think I danced to the
beat of my own drum, like Elphaba does. I think I’ve always had
a good grasp of who I am and Elphaba certainly has
a grasp of who she is. I found out that I had the
audition early February. I went in for the audition
and I kinda forgot about it and a week later I got a call saying I was gonna be playing
Elphaba on Broadway in May. So it happened like that.
(fingers snap) And I immediately called my
mom and I said, we did it. We did it, we got it. (laughs) You know because I think every parent of a performer must feel,
have a little bit of anxiety. How is my child gonna live? Are they gonna succeed? You know, everything. This life is not easy, you know? You have to harness your self-worth a lot. So, to uphold the belief and
strength within this business is a challenge, day-to-day. I think Elphaba’s story
is a really powerful one. And I think she is a role model to many, many people in this world and I could not think
of a better culmination to welcome me to Broadway than “Wicked”, than playing Elphaba in “Wicked”. It’s the biggest honor and it’s truly the biggest challenge
I’ve ever had to face, as a performer, and I think
that’s a really beautiful thing. (upbeat music)

16 thoughts on “WICKED Star Hannah Corneau Discusses Playing Elphaba, Her Journey to Broadway & More

  1. Man I love her so much! And all the elphies because they all slay! Hannah also reminds me of Jackie Burns cause they have similar jawlines and similar hairstyles lol.

  2. I better be on that stage one and is days, even if it’s years from now! I’ve always identified as an Elphaba ever since I first knew about her character! I don’t want to share too much now! However I am very excited and to audition for the musical, soon! #Rebel #AnimalLover #TheSatanicTemple

  3. I had the honor of seeing her. she is brilliant ! will defintily see her again. still my favorite show.i cry every time I see it. keep you eyes on this lady. she is a star.

  4. Well when she said she almost cried during DG I really understand her… I ve seen czech non replica version of Wicked and I ve felt the same way as she did. DG bring tears to my eyes 😍

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