WORLDSIGN | Canada Hockey Team Tragedy, Syria Gas Attack, A Quiet Place Deaf Actress,  and more news

WORLDSIGN | Canada Hockey Team Tragedy, Syria Gas Attack, A Quiet Place Deaf Actress, and more news

Dawn: Canada Hockey Team Bus Crash Tragedy -Last Friday, a semi-trailer truck crashed into a bus transporting 29 people on a remote highway 150 kilometres outside of Saskatoon in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. Fifteen people were killed, and many were injured. The accident, which was described as “horrific,” carried young hockey players aged 16 to 20 on the Humboldt Broncos hockey team in a hockey league. The players were on their way to play a game. News of the accident reverberated across Canada which is known for its fanaticism of hockey. -The small town of Humboldt where the young men were placed to live with sponsoring families was reportedly devastated. Members of the hockey community, including National Hockey League – a professional league in North America, reached out to the residents of Humboldt to show support. United States president, Donald Trump, sent a tweet on the social media platform, Twitter, to express his condolences to the relatives of the dead, ending it with “May God be with them all.” -Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: Syrian government suspected of gas attack -Last weekend, over 40 people died from a recent gas attack in the rebel-held town of Douma 10 kilometre from Damascus, Syria and the incident was blamed on the Syrian government. The government denied responsibility, although it had been involved in four chemical attacks since the start of the civil war in 2011. The Syria government has invited an organization affiliated with the United Nations to go on a fact-finding mission. Video have graphic that some viewers may find disturbing – viewer discretion. -The United States, France, and Britain are in talks to launch a missile strike as soon as the end of this week. They say this would be a message of “international unity” to condemn Syrian president Bashar Assad and his government’s suspected use of chemical warfare on unarmed civilians. Concerns were raised, however about the military offensive which could possibly trigger retaliation from the Russians, who are allies of Assad and have a military base in Syria. -Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: “Deaf” sports team in Ghana with hearing members? -Ghana’s Deaf soccer team was disqualified from playing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia when as many as 25 of its members were found to be hearing. They were observed singing, dancing and clapping their hands to jama music. In one match one player shouted “Watch!” – not something a Deaf player would ordinarily do. This is not the first time a Ghanaian tem had hearing players – a similar situation occurred in July 2009. The Deaf Football Australia expressed shock, disappointment and disgust and demanded reimbursement of nearly USD $15,000 expenses from Ghana. Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: Director insist on having Deaf actress in ‘A Quiet Place’ Movie -John Krasinski who directed and acted in the horror movie ‘A Quiet Place’ movie insisted that the character playing as his Deaf daughter in the movie be played by a Deaf actress. Krasninski specifically picked Millicent Simmonds of Wonderstruck fame for that role. Simmonds, now 14 lost her hearing as an infant and uses American Sign Language. The movie is about a husband and pregnant wife and their son and Deaf daughter trying to be quiet all the time to escape blind monsters who hunt by sound. They faced the challenge of planning for the birth of their fourth child without making any sounds. The movie is now number one at movie theaters and made about USD $46 million in its debut. Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: American company tests transparent surgical mask -ClearMask, an American startup business has applied for approval from the federal Food Drug Agency of its transparent surgical mask as a medical device not only to benefit Deaf patients but everyone else as well. In general, at least 55% of communication is nonverbal. Miscommunication is a leading cause of preventable medical errors. These new transparent surgical masks will allow Deaf patients to lipread or see the facial expressions of dentists, doctors and interpreters in the operating room. Studies show that hearing patients have higher patient satisfaction, trust, and better health outcomes if they are able to see each other’s faces and smiles. ClearMask, based in the American city of Baltimore with five staff members – two of whom are Deaf, applied for a patent for this mask and plans to produce and test these masks later in 2018. Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: Past Brazil and South Korea presidents sent to prison -On Saturday, former Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who served his country from 2003 to 2010, turned himself to the police after hiding out in a union’s headquarters for three days. Da Silva was found guilty of trading favours with a construction company for promise of an beachfront apartment and was sentenced to serve 12 years. He denied any wrongdoing and filed appeal. -Despite his conviction, da Silva has a strong following of his supporters who believed his innocence. Another former president, Park Guen-hye of South Korea, was sentenced last Friday to 24 years in prison for accepting “millions of dollars from companies in briberies and through extortion.” Park was ousted from her presidential office and was arrested in March of last year. She refused to attend her trial and was not in court for her verdict. -Like da Silva, Park has a strong base of supporters who marched near the Seoul court to protest the ruling. Now, let’s go to next story. Dawn: Palestinians attend funeral of a Gaza journalist -Last Saturday, hundreds of Palestinians paid their respects to a journalist, Yasser Murtaja, who was killed a day earlier by a gunshot. He was filming a mass protest with rubber tires set on fire taking place near the Israel-Egypt border inside the Gaza Strip, wearing a jacket with a “Press” label. The Israeli military opened fire on the instigators, and Murtaja was killed. His death reverberated in the region as Murtaja was a neutral party in the conflict. A colleague described him as a passionate journalist who did not appeared “at all interested in politics.” -The Israeli army said Murtaja’s death was unintentional and are investigating it. Recent shootings of Palestinians by the Israeli troops during mass protests has the International Criminal Court concerned about war crimes committed by the Israeli military and the Hamas, a Palestinian political organization. The president of the Associated News has also asked for an international law that recognizes killing of journalists like Murtaja as a war crime. -Thank you for watching WorldSign Week, visit H3WORLD.TV for more shows, all in International Sign. See you next week.

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