WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

I didn’t expect this. Oh man!
– No! Most participants are attended with a private army
of supporters… … but this dude is here on his own. Do you have a family? – Yes, I have children and, uh,
they ask a lot of attention Are you working as a musician or singer? – No, no, no.
I am a psychiatric nurse. So singing is a hobby to you? – Yes. A serious hobby. Yes, amazing!
– Yes, great! He’s standing there all alone!
– Yes, what a great performance man! You just sang to my heart. I think it was so incredibly beautiful. What you’re capable of…
that is something you want to show everyone, right? Do you know how many people
you inspire with your voice… … how many people believe that it is really
possible to perform here, because of you… … and that everyone will turn. The most beautiful voices belong here. And now, after this, what do you wanna do?
What are your plans? Yes, I don’t really know. I really didn’t expect this. Oh man.
– No! You’re so humble, so modest.
Not normal. Uh, yeah, again, I really didn’t expect this… … and, uh, I actually didn’t tell people to come here,
my children, … Ahhhhh….
– Why not? Because I thought, if daddy fails… – Ahhhhh. Do you know how proud they would be…
Do you know how proud they would be… I hope so. But yeah, if they see it on TV,
I’ll walk away for a little while… I’ll say, you can look together.. He’s crying on stage like a little girl.. – I’m going to tell you… … bin Laden didn’t even hide as good as you. No, but you know, if I need to tell you what
you did right… … there’s no time for that. – Ilse! Yes! – Thank you!
– Thank you! It was really touching. Thank you very much.

100 thoughts on “WOW! Singer sounds the same as BOB MARLEY! | STORIES #29

  1. I especially loved how honestly humble he was…that was the thing about Bob Marley as well…he had an "everyman" vibe about him that spoke to anyone who listened.

  2. thank you for all your support throughout , I am quitting singing coz of the politics and maybe nobody wants me to grow , I am the person in this video 😢 🙂

  3. I searched for this man just to Listen to Bob Marley one more time God bless you my Brother love from South Africa 🇿🇦

  4. This is really inspirational, wow! It almost brought tears to my eyes. He didn't want his children to see him fail so didn't bring them along,, wow that's humbling 🙏🏿🙏🏿God bless his talent

  5. Its not bob Marley's voice that made him famouse..its his advocacy and the songs lyrics that inspired people in his country to fight for their own freedom..

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