Yang Mi and Bai Yu new drama, Yang Zi or Kris Wu for top billing, a rift on Legend of Fei?

Yang Mi and Bai Yu new drama, Yang Zi or Kris Wu for top billing, a rift on Legend of Fei?

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update November 16th 2019 edition. In this edition, should Kris Wu or Yang Zi
get top-billing on The Golden Hairpin? And is there really a rift going on on the
set of the Legend of Fei, but first.. Thank You Doctoris a new
upcoming medical drama starring Yang Mi and Bai Yu and they recently unveiled their first
poster and lead cast. It is based on the novel ICU 48 Hours by Sheng
Li. This will be the first time the two stars
collaborate and Yang Mi’s first role as a doctor. Yang Mi stars as Xiao Yan, a cold but talented
surgeon who has a natural love for medicine. Bai Yu stars as Bai Zhu, the youngest attending
physician at his hospital and he’s talented but doesn’t get along with anyone. Yang Mi most recently starred in The Great
Craftsman with Wallace Huo. She reacted to the announcement of Thank You
Doctor by sharing the poster on Weibo and saying:
“Hello, I am Dr. Xiao Yan”. Bai Yu is probably best known for his starring
role opposite Zhu Yilong in the drama, Guardian. He also shared Thank You Doctor’s poster and
said: “Hello, I am Dr. Bai Zhu”. Recently I did a video about some of Yang
Mi’s fans expressing displeasure at Jaywalk Studio’s strategy of
pairing her up with new artistes so that they would get exposure that they wouldn’t otherwise
get. Well so far the reaction to this drama announcement
has been positive. Fans have generally expressed their excitement
for this lead pairing and are looking forward to the drama. What do you guys think about this pairing
of Yang Mi and Bai Yu? And does this drama sound like something you
could get excited about? Let us know in the comment section below. Thank You Doctor will begin filming in a few
days time and I will provide further updates. The Golden Hairpinis an upcoming
costume drama starring Kris Wu and Yang Zi.. or should I say Yang Zi and Kris Wu? Apparently, even in these early early stages,
there’s already a stir over who should get top billing. It all started yesterday when Yang Zi’s manager
uploaded a now-deleted post on Weibo saying: “Do your best, the rest is up to fate”. This led to many speculating that Kris Wu
would get top billing in the drama which didn’t sit well with many of Yang Zi’s
fans who felt that her name should be the first to appear. It’s worth mentioning that the drama itself
hasn’t confirmed who will get top billing. In their official unveiling of the drama’s
first poster, all they mentioned was the two stars birthdays
which coincidentally are on the same day, November 6th. The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing
as bad publicity” and that kind of does apply to this situation
as it’s already got people talking about the drama. But I do not want to be in production’s shoes
as they attempt to solve this problem. To be honest, I don’t think there is a straightforward
solution. The only thing they can really do now is put
both their names at the same time in the opening credits, in the posters, in everything. At this point, I don’t think they can give
top billing to one without offending the other’s fan base. The actors themselves don’t seem to really
care or at least they appear to be that way. They greeted each other by their character’s
names and tagged each other on their Weibo pages. By the way, it’s completely random that I
have Yang Zi’s post on top of Kris’. Not trying to insinuate that she should be
top billed. In fact, personally it doesn’t matter to me
who gets top billing. Now I get that it can matter to the actors. It can be important to their agents and the
production company when they draft contracts and that kind of stuff but that is for them
to worry about. As someone who is not a hardcore fan of either
stars, all that really matters to me is the quality
of the work and the performance of the actors. What do you guys think? Should Kris Wu or Yang Zi get top billing? Or are you like me and don’t really care? Let us know in the comment section below. After taking a hiatus from giving birth to
her son earlier this year, Zhao Liying made her comeback last month with the costume drama
Legend of Fei. Of course, many fans and netizens are looking
forward to it. It is an adaptation of a novel of the same
name and also stars Wang Yibo who is just coming off the enormous
success of The Untamed this past summer. At around midnight China time yesterday, Zhao
Liying made a post on Weibo that has caused somewhat of a stir among her fans. It was of this – a picture of two hamburgers. The top one resembles a delicious burger with
a thick patty with bacon and cheese not unlike one you would see in a commercial and the other is a flat, dry and not so appetizing one. She also labeled the top one ‘Original’ and
the other one ‘Adaptation’. Well this made netizens speculate as to whether
she was referring to the Legend of Fei and whether she was insinuating that she was
not happy with some changes that have been made on the drama. Some speculated that the drama was adding
‘filler scenes’ that would make it long and drawn out. Fillers can be annoying but you’d be hard
pressed to find any Chinese drama that doesn’t contain them. Having fillers means more episodes, which
means more commercials, which means more money for the producers,
so naturally they will do what they can within reason to create more episodes. It’s something that I’ve gotten used to in
Chinese dramas. Furthermore, it is speculated that these fillers
involve Zhao Liying’s two female co-stars – Zhang Huiwen and Zhou Jieqiong. Rumor has it that Zhang Huiwen has been given
extra scenes and Zhou Jieqiong’s character has be given a romantic
storyline with Wang Yibo’s and as a result has taken away from Zhao Liying’s
screen time. Let’s bear in mind that though that although
they have been speculated to be fillers, they could be actually be important to the story. We won’t know until we see the actual final
product. Zhao Liying’s studio did issue a statement: So they haven’t offcially denied the rumors. Could it be that there really is a rift going
on? In any case, the producers do run the drama
and can give extra scenes to anyone. The can do whatever they feel is in the best
interest of the drama. However, I’m sure they recognize the fact
that Zhao Liying is the biggest draw of this drama – her and Wang Yibo. People will tune in to watch them so it is
in the best interest of the drama to showcase them as much as possible. Whatever happens, hopefully none of this will
affect the shoot too much and it can be smooth sailing until the end for them. And that’s it for today guys but while I have your
attention, I’d like to ask you to ask you to visit my Patreon page,
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all in the next one. Cheers.

100 thoughts on “Yang Mi and Bai Yu new drama, Yang Zi or Kris Wu for top billing, a rift on Legend of Fei?

  1. I’m so happy for my yang zi drama collaborate with kris..I’m waiting all yang zi new drama just now I’m waiting oath of love…thank you marcus for updating my yang zi story…last week i join weibo bcoz of yang zi but I didn’t understand chinese😅Love Marcus Sim channel❤️

  2. I'm looking forward to see Thank You Doctor. I miss Yang Mi in a modern drama. Thank you for the updates. Love from California. 😍

  3. im relatively New to dramas but I love seeing stars paired with New partners, I think its refreshing, of course ID like fore example yo see yang zi on a drama with deng lun again after ashes of love, but I think its nice to see the chemistry actors hace with diferent partners, sorry of there are any typos, im from Argentina and my phone keeps autocorrecting to spanish

  4. Hi there Marcus,I've been waiting for Yang Mi to have another drama..She is a multi talented actress and no doubt that she can give justice to every character/role that she is portraying…Thanks again for the update,God bless!!!😘

  5. Hi Marcus, both Yang Zi and Kris are both fine actors. To me personally I do not get hung up on such nonsense as far as billing, as long as they work well together and have a good performance. And just a word about Zhao Liying, I have been a fan of hers ever since Princess Agents.

  6. Top billing comes down to who has the biggest star power. Both have big followings. If they end up not putting both names together, then top billing should go to who has been in this industry the longest Yang Zi. I think Zhao Liying doesn’t want what happened to Princess Agents to happen to this drama. I’m not a fan when adaptations mess with the source material adding or taking away details. Whether it be characters or plots.

  7. I have always been waiting for Yang Zi and Kris Wu to work together, as for who should get the top Billing ,well I don't really care about that I support them both.

    Looking forward for Legend of fei.

  8. I 1st saw Bai Yu in love 020 he was both in the movie and the drama. And darn he is a good actor.
    Yang Zi and Kris Wu, I don't care who gets top billing, they are both top in my book 😊.

    ZYL is an accomplished actor, I recently watched her in journey of flower, and I don't belive she would be as petty as being bothered with her supporting starlet, but I know she's and avid reader and want the story to stay true, I think that's all it is about. I drop princess agent half way, not because of her, but the storyline, in fact I really like watching the actors, but didn't care about where they were heading. I honestly think ZYL is very professional. That's my 2cents.
    Thanks for the weekend updates Marcus… I just caught up on star war series "the Mandalorian" wouldn't it be great if I suddenly see you among the actors there 😜
    Cheers 🥂🌹❤️

  9. I think the person who should get top billing is the one who worked hardest and the longest as an actor, and who won the most awards because of their acting talent. Zhao Li Ying, Yang Zi and Yang Mi deserves it and should be respected and honored that way. It wasnt important until you asked the question.😁 Looking forward to watching these dramas!Thank you Marcus!

  10. I can't wait for zhao liying and wang yibo drama the Legend of fei,I'm so excited for this💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘

  11. Looking forward to Yang Mi's new drama. She is a talented, humble and down to earth actress. Also love to see her behind the scenes of her dramas. She always gets along very well with her pairs.

  12. Yang Mi is an excellent actress and is going to be awesome seeing her in a doctors character. Can't wait. In the other matter if the actor's didn't mind me neither. By the way the producers should use the alphabetical order and fixed. To me Zhao Liying is a professional and serious actress. I don't think she is that kind of person.

  13. All that really matters to me is the quality of the work and the performance of the actors.
    + Marcus
    On the Golden Hairpin

  14. I’m down with any drama that has Yang Mi. Jaywalk is her studio…she’s an extremely smart woman and knows what she’s doing 😉❤️

  15. yup i hate fillers that drags the drama long and boring. I like Zhao Li Ying, she's good actress, doing any character. the new guy, not bad

  16. Don’t really care for yang Zi or kris Wu but base on the novel the main protagonist is the female character so it makes sense for the girl


  18. I'm probably not going to watch Legend of Fei or Thank you, Doctor sadly. Looking forward to Healer of Children which stars Olivia Wang.

  19. Love Yang MI. I could not like that girl from Princess Agent. She is beautiful but I could not like her. Have no idea. I don’t like to know her name too. Seen her name all the time.

  20. Waiting for The Oath of Love and Legend of Fei… although I find sad that with two months in, things like these are happening. I’m sure it all make sense in the end!!

  21. Drama legend of fei
    Yes read over goggle and YouTube on this issue
    Only when the drama is aired that viewers will know the truth
    But whatever is the issue the most important thing is the drama plot developments must not be affected by this

    So even if Zhang hui wen and 2nd supporting actress are both given more airing time as long as the drama plot developments goes smoothly should be no problem

  22. You always have such great reviews of upcoming dramas and interesting details
    I think sometimes fans overreact to things that I wouldn’t even give a second thought to
    I understand that the production company or actors might care who gets top billing
    But these 2 actors are both very popular so I can see either one of them getting top billing
    I would love to see William Feng and his wife in another drama they have great onscreen chemistry
    Both are very talented actors,any new and upcoming dramas they star in I’ll definitely be watching
    I’m anxiously awaiting Legend of Fei to air
    I’m also patiently waiting for Leo Yunxi new dramas to air another fantastic actor
    My sister watches Hallmark movies and I find them so incredibly boring compared to Cdramas
    Does anyone agree with me🙄🙄

  23. Drama lovely sword girl
    Total 24 episodes
    Available at Dramacool with English subtitles
    Finished viewing this drama
    Highly recommend to watch
    Drama plot developments started from episode 10
    Drama plot developments
    1 the battle to be wulin chief
    2 the battle to learn "mo" kung fu
    3 the longevity pill using the lives of 300 children
    4 love triangle
    5 good siblings' relationship
    6 the meaning of true love
    True love is
    Not always by the side.
    As long as
    The loved one
    Is HAPPY
    Will feel content

    This drama has very emotional songs with great lyrics
    Cheers to see another good and memorable drama with happy ending

  24. To all wuxia drama lovers
    Ren jia lun after the drama under the power , has another wuxia drama Chinese title mei ren lun bai so
    He will act as dual roles
    Female lead is Zhang hui wen who starred in nirvana in fire season 2 and the legend of fei
    Very much looking forward to this drama

  25. Drama le crocodile et le pluvian
    Main lead chen bolin
    Will look forward to seeing him since his last drama seen the king of blaze

  26. LMAOOO only in c-ent people fight for top billing. Also i'm not the type to care but they better not fuck this up for wyb. my man isn't killing himself working his ass off for nothing.

  27. The lead character in Hairpin is the female sleuth and therefore that should be the top billed actor. To do otherwise would suggest the novels were changed quite a bit. Although the ML is the better actor it should not matter.

  28. Giving more airtime to that third rate actress from NIF2 who cannot act would be a mistake.Don't know why she was even cast in LOF.

  29. I never knew the billing was such a big time drama fest I honestly never really took note to care to much about whos name was over whos… but in others news can't wait to see Zhao Liying back on tv hoping if there is drama on set they are able to work it out and have smooth filming I've loved all her works so far and am a big fan

  30. Yang Zi and Kris Wu together in one Drama? I don’t think it matters who is the top billing. I’m just too excited for this! both fans of Yang Zi ang Wu Yi Fan ♥️

  31. they will probably butcher the legend of fei script like most novel to drama adaptations, but it will still get high ratings so they don't give a hoot

  32. yeahh me, like u i really don't really care unless i'll the billing too lol hhaa. i'm just excited to see kris Wu in custom drama thats all 🙂 any EXO related i click!

  33. I've been away for a while and now these are the news that I go back to. Meeeeh. 🤣 Should I go back to the mountains?! 🤣 Thank you dear for the updates! I've missed your updates while I was away.

    As someone from the medical field and a fan of both BY – YM, I'm excited for this pairing. Finally, something where YM isn't a minor. ❤️ Also, been a fan of BY since Love 020, definitely looking forward to seeing this. ❤️

    Now, here we go with the top billing issue, I honestly believe this shouldn't be any actors concern, regardless whether you're top billed or not, if your performance is on point, please, that'll speak for you as an actor. Anyway, I hope they get this sorted out as soon as possible because either way, us fans are waiting to see them together. ❤️

    And. Woooh. ZLY, with her personality as observed, isn't someone to post something like this for attention, she probably was deceived or somehow there are changes that doesn't sit well with her, she has all the right to call it out, especially when it's her name, given she's the biggest senior on set, that's gonna be dragged if the drama sucks. Yes, adaptations are not always the best, however, if the writers, directors and crew stick to the core concepts or at least the soul of the novel, then regardless who the actors are sure in for a good drama, and for this one, with ZLY-WYB pairing. Please, this is the bomb. ❤️

    Thank you dear, Marcus for the updates! ❤️

  34. Yang Mi Best Actress So Professional All Drama her play always have Character / role different on drama especially talent skill acting of her that's Reason I love her so much love u idol ❤❤
    Also so excited For MiMi pair with Bai Yu so looking forward for new couple drama it's hot trend again on Weibo with them after release Poster Drama ( Thank You Doctor ) 😆😆
    can't wait to see ur new drama and movie on next year Queen is back 😘😘

  35. Hahaha~ I really don't care who get the top billing, not like that money is mine. The impression is like asking strangers to get involved with their household matters… whoever can get the highest pay, as long as the drama is good.
    Looking forward for Legend of Fei, I want to see if Wang Yibo can really act. His lines are too little in The Untamed, though I know that's due to the drama character's personality.

  36. Yang Zi should get top billing…she has proven herself to be star power as an actress ..although Kris Wu is also top star in singing but this is drama and acting which Yang Zi has proven more of herself ….love both of them

  37. The issues with Legend of Fei are very serious. Zhao Liying is very professional and takes her role seriously. Filler scenes in drama are understandable, but it can not change the main plot and main characters.

    As for top billing, it may matter somewhat in this case as it will affect the direction of the drama, whether it will be centered around the male or female lead.

  38. Top billing was a bigger deal in hollywood during the last century but has now being overshadowed a bit by special effects within the movie. Got to wonder how it will play out in china, burn out soon or scream and rant at each other's fan base even more.

  39. Hello Marcus, I am watching your updates every time,I'm really praying that you'll have a new update with Shen Yue and Wang He Di, They have a huge fandom all over the world, Fans will be glad if they hear another updates coming from a reliable youtuber like you! Xiexie ..

  40. Hello Marcus, I am watching your updates every time,I'm really praying that you'll have a new update with Shen Yue and Wang He Di, They have a huge fandom all over the world, Fans will be glad if they hear another updates coming from a reliable youtuber like you! Xiexie ..

  41. Hello Marcus, I am watching your updates every time,I'm really praying that you'll have a new update with Shen Yue and Wang He Di, They have a huge fandom all over the world, Fans will be glad if they hear another updates coming from a reliable youtuber like you! Xiexie ..

  42. easy, who has more experience as an actor? who is older? Who is the Qian Bei? I am not a super fan of either, but from the getgo, Yang Zi seem like the veteran out of the two. Why is this even a debate? I think in chinese culture, its considered rude to overstep your seniors. Of course if both are renown, then yes there's a competition. Here in this situation, one is clearly more prominent in the acting category. once Chris is more experienced and starring with a newer talent, he can get his turn at first billing. my 2 cents

  43. Zhao liying is one of my favorite Chinese actress I have a question,,,they have season 3 for the legend of chusen with li yifeng and Zhao liying???

  44. wu yifang or yang Zi whoever gets the top billing really doesn't matter to me what matters is about the drama to be good and importantly to satisfy us viewers. again Yang mi and Bai Yu collaboration am very desperate to watch.💓 gorgeous WYB and ZLY hope the shooting crew get things sort out cox we've been waiting so long and tired of so much rumors 😊

  45. Hi marcus, thank you doctor seems interesting, can't wait to see it especially that yang mi is in it. For the billing of the actors I don't really care, what matters to me is the quality. Thank you for this update!! ✌😊 🙏♥️❤️ Interesting as always!!😎

  46. what the ….!? so the main characters is not the main lead ‘lover ? what the heck is with this storyline 🙄
    i was expecting Yibo with her

  47. Might be fillers, that's why Prince's Agents was so absolutely boring. Chinese Dramas didn't have it initially and there are some good dramas that don't… longest day in Changan..Yanxi Palace

  48. None of them is my favorite actor so I don't really care. I think majority of the time, fillers like love triangle in unnecessary adaptation is not good. I feel for Zhao lingyi because you would work so hard for a storyline you believe would make a good come back for yourself and your fans/team yet the prod team would change it. I want to see yibo and zhao lingyi not a third angle….that's just to cliche….

  49. H Marcus 👋 I'm a big fan of both yang Zi and Kris i probably couldn't choose. I love them in different ways lol so I agree with u I think they should have both top billed we are more focused on the production and quality of the flim. Love from my end to urs☺️

  50. Marcus I personally don’t care who gets top billing between these two actors, but because it has become an issue I do agree it might be best to announce their names together. But I am looking forward to this drama.

  51. For those who r saying, Kris Wu is not big actor – do u even know who he is? He is not only one of the top idols of Asia, but also Kris represented China in Hollywood through movies like XxX2:Return of Xander Cage, The Valerian when he was only 26 years old. His Never Gone & L.O.R.D is still shaking not only the Chinese fans but the international fans as well and ppl say he is not big actor LOL. Such a joke and it's not even funny xD

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