You’d Laugh at This Hotel Room, Until You Look Inside…

You’d Laugh at This Hotel Room, Until You Look Inside…

Some people love to travel and see the sights
all around the world, and when they do, they usually stay in hotels of one kind or another. Whether they’re shabby one star digs or luxurious
five star resorts, hotels usually aren’t the most memorable part of the trip, in fact,
people usually just stay in them overnight and spend the rest of the day outdoors. But today we’re going to be looking at some
of the most unusual hotels around the world that are definitely the main event of any
getaway, and while some are amazing and breathtaking, believe me when I say some are absolutely
unbelievable and frankly quite terrifying. Wanna know more about them? Well then, let’s get it on! The Manta Resort, Tanzania You’ve probably heard of a room with a seaside
view, but at the Manta Resort near Pemba Island in Tanzania, that side is the underside. Located 273-yards off the coast, this tiny
hotel is suspended right in the middle of the Manta Reef, a beautiful coral reef famous
for its colorful and abundant sea life. The secluded 2 story hotel’s lower room is
nestled 13-feet under the crystal clear waters, with large windows providing a fish-eye view
to the surrounding hustle and bustle of the reef. At night, guests can enjoy sleeping in complete
darkness and tranquility while the soft waves rock them to sleep, or they can turn on specially
fitted lights in the windows engineered to attracted sealife and keep their private show
going. You just better hope you don’t get seasick! Frying-Pan Hotel, South Carolina, USA What happens when you mix an abandoned lighthouse,
a reef full of sharks, and a passionate crew who love to have fun? You get the craziest adventure hotel on the
planet, the Frying Pan Hotel! Located 34 miles away from the nearest land,
once you’ve arrived on this floating hotel you better believe you’re not going anywhere
any time soon. However, with all the fun things there are
to do, you probably won’t want to leave even when checkout time comes. While the 90 foot high walkways and ocean
full of sharks surrounding it might make many travelers want to stay far, far away, the
Frying Pan is an adventurer’s paradise. Guests here are treated to a nice fried breakfast
in bed, and then are treated to a day full of extreme activities, like parachuting off
the 135 foot high hotel into the shark infested waters below, hitting special golf balls that
turn into fish food into the shark infested waters below, testing their balance by slacklining
over the shark infested waters below or even snorkeling in the, well, you get the point. If you can get over the fear of being in the
middle of the ocean, the Frying Pan is definitely one of the coolest vacation spots around. Crane Hotel Faranda, Amsterdam, Netherlands If you’re afraid of heights, then this extreme
hotel room is definitely not the one for you. Located on Amsterdam’s waterfront, the Hotel
Faranda is built inside of a repurposed construction crane. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the world’s
most dedicated crane operator, you’ve come to the right place. Guests get to the suites by riding real freight
elevators, the kind actual operators use, but once you step inside, you’d think you
were in a luxury highrise. The inside is decked out with high end jacuzzis,
TVs, beautiful art work, and floor to ceiling windows providing a truly unique view of the
city, with no other buildings around blocking your view. You can watch the Dutch sunset from the jacuzzi
on the roof, or take a daring walk along the arm of the crane, just be sure to look out
and not down. As if that weren’t extreme enough, the hotel’s
equipped with a Bungie cord, so guests can jump off the top of the arm over the waterfront. At least you won’t have to wait for the elevator! Snow Village Ice Hotel, Finland While the other hotels on this list might
be cool, they’ve got absolutely nothing on the Snow Village in Finland. This enormous hotel, is made entirely out
of real ice and snow, and is made from scratch every single year, with new rooms and ideas
included every time, meaning no two winter getaways here will ever be the same. The 2018 hotel was built in collaboration
with HBO and featured a Game of Thrones theme, complete with ice sculptures of the Iron Throne,
dragons, and characters from the popular program. If guests weren’t caught up, they could always
binge the latest seasons in the ice movie theater, complete with seats and a screen
made entirely out of ice. After having a complimentary Michelin star
meal in the massive Ice Restaurant, on tables made of, you guessed it, ice, guests can head
over to the ice bar, and have drinks that are always served cold in crafted ice cups. There are 30 completely unique, massive suites
each equipped with giant ice sculptures commissioned by the most famous ice sculptors on the planet. While there are regular warm rooms not made
of ice, if guests manage to make it through a full night staying in one of the ice beds,
they’re rewarded with a certificate, which they can now show off at job interviews to
prove just how awesome they really are. Sky-Lodge Hotel, Peru Vacations are all about getting away from
your everyday life, and while for some that means relaxing in a highrise hotel room with
a view, extreme vacationers in Peru can take that a step further at the Sky Lodge Hotel. Well, really about 5000 steps, up a mountain. The plexiglass rooms of this unique hotel
literally hang off the side of a mountain 5000-feet in the sky! The only way to get up to your bed is to climb,
meaning you’ll definitely be needing a nap the second you get up there. With their completely see through walls, floor
and ceiling, and their rounded shape, the hanging rooms provide an incredible unobscured
view of the surrounding area, and come with butlers who will actually climb all the way
up the mountain just to bring you room service. Talk about going the extra mile at work. Oh, and don’t worry about having to climb
all the way back down, you can just take the zipline! I don’t know about you, but no matter how
great the view is, this hotel room might just be a bit too terrifying for me to wake up
in. Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland Remember that song about living in a winter
wonderland? Well, just play it in your head, we’re not
trying to get any copyright strikes, but this Finnish Hotel might be the most literal take
on that song around. Besides a nearly impossible to pronounce name,
this extreme hotel provides guests with individual igloos made of special temperate glass made
to withstand the below freezing temperatures outside without frosting over. As a result, you can get an unbelievable view
of the northern lights while never feeling like they’ve left a warmer part of the world. The hotel is only open from August to April,
when the Aurora Borealis is at its most vibrant. The igloos have all the modern comforts you
could want, like wifi and flat screen TVs, but we all know the best show around is playing
right outside the window. Mirror Cube Treehotel, Sweden Have you ever wanted the power to be invisible? Well, with this incredible hotel room in Sweden,
you can get about as close as anyone. Can’t see it? Here, let’s look from a different angle. Yeah, wow, right? Known as the Mirror Cube, this Treehouse is
the dream come true of tons of kids and supervillains alike. One of several unique rooms in the Treehotel
in Sweden, including a giant birds nest and a UFO-house, the Mirror Cube is made of special
reflective material that makes it blend right in with the scenic Swedish forest around it. Once inside, however, the wooden interior
provides a cozy fantasy getaway, with beds built into holes in the walls, ladders leading
to a rooftop balcony with a gorgeous 360-degree view, and bedside windows letting guests wake
up to the beautiful scenery from a bird’s eye view. You might want to make your reservations soon
though, I hear Lex Luthor is looking for a new secret base. Null-Stern Hotel, Swiss Alps The main reasons people stay in hotels is
to have place to sleep in foreign places that’s indoors. After all, the reason people live inside is
protection from the elements, right? Well, the null stern hotel ticks the first
box on that checklist, a place to sleep, but sort of skimps out on the second one. This hotel room looks like something straight
out of a cartoon, having no walls or ceiling, just a floor and the furnishings of a bedroom
smack in the middle of the Swiss Alps. While this might seem like a downside at first
glance, the hotel provides guests with an unmatched 360-degree view of the Swiss Alps
by day, and an absolutely breathtaking wraparound view of the stars by night. The room comes equipped with a personal butler
who provides guests with breakfast and dinner in bed, bottles of champagne, and, since there’s
no wifi or tv, even his own bingeable streaming service. All in all, this hotel is perfect for anyone
who wants to feel closer to nature. Wait, but what happens if it rains, uh, you
said you wanted to be closer to nature right? Well for $360 per night you sure can!

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  3. The thumbnail pic is 100% clickbait BS and isn't actually in the video…
    (just like other videos on this channel).
    Meanwhile, he makes a comment about not wanting to infringe on copyright – yet this video, and others in this channel, are jam-packed full of moments ripped straight out of blockbuster movies…

  4. The thumbnail pic is 100% clickbait BS and isn't actually in the video…
    (just like other videos on this channel).
    Meanwhile, he makes a comment about not wanting to infringe on copyright – yet this video, and others in this channel, are jam-packed full of moments ripped straight out of blockbuster movies…

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