Zimbabwe | Goodbye Rhodesia |1979

Zimbabwe | Goodbye Rhodesia |1979

the end of 78 inside an African compound angry Drums beat out a new year message bitter words Our children are dying of hunger Food is what we need Conditions are getting worse We may as well be dead we hope our children will have a better future a Future still remote for blacks 78 was a year of broken promises frustrated hopes 79 looks little better do you think that you will have to continue to fight for your [zimbabwe]? [I] shall continue to fight even my comrades I can see as I meet them They are very serious about the problem. They won’t stop till we get our zimbabwe We won’t drop down to get what one because with much blood on which is already wasted Of which won’t take it back. I was born here. I intend to die here We’ve had our motor [attacks]. We’ve got to them. We live day after day with with this and There’s no way for place for me to go. This is my home And this [is] where I intend to darling Scotland versus the rest New Year’s day the Annual Bells match on the greens above on [Tally] The players know that the game is over. They look for hope when none exists Rhodesia Stubbornly plays out the myth It has created a nation alone betrayed by the treachery of its allies not the obstinacy of its leaders The lady Captain of [Bowles] called us sewer rats um Tolly feels betrayed by Britain. I fought for britain I was decorated And her today britain is letting us down badly, but I will not leave the country I’ll stay until the end But your country has got to come in and help us I Don’t know how long we can do this alone don’t know [too] But you don’t give up your country Last autumn the club was mortared by Mugabe’s Guerrillas the golf course singed the enemy is breathing down [an] Tally’s neck This may give you some idea of just how close I’m talia’s to the border it may not be a Stone’s throw away But it’s certainly within Easy rocket range I’m tarly’s over there and a couple of miles across the bush is that dirt Road and that dirt Road marks the border with Mozambique Today the border is mined in an attempt to Stem the Guerrillas advance The border created um tallest prosperity now It’s squeezing out the life it once gave it black faces multiply as white’s disappear Three years ago there were 10,000 Europeans in an tally on New Year’s day There were [3,000] less um Thali sets the stage for RHodesia White’s [leave] in the dust a legacy of bitterness New Year’s Day the [wrong] side of Town the homes of African workers tin Huts one room an oven in summer an ICebox in winter The Shacks are government property road construction workers and their families live inside They used to live in the hills above [entirely] the guerillas ordered them [to] leave The government pays on [four] pounds a week no room for luxuries zimbabwe seems a long time coming Do you think that you will get a true zimbabwe in 1979? well, I never know because the debt we are all waiting for us 31st of December 1978 and now that things [they’ve] [gone] [through] [oprah] We can never know otherwise. We come in in April the 30th and they say Again in November, so we never understand the real situation in prison Do you think there have been any real changes since the transitional government took over any difference in your lives? Uh I should say since the transitional government took over there there has been no changes but since the war began I’ve Seen some little changes. I support the [war] because some of the little [things] have changed But not since the transitional government took over on The other side [of] town are white homes plenty of them for sale owners gone? Even if blacks could afford to buy them as a new year began. They were not allowed to the land Tenure [Act] the instrument of Discrimination that preserves certain areas for whites only was still on the statute books the transitional government Promised to abolish it blacks were still waiting This house has been on the market for several months four bedrooms the deepest pool in town [Montine] June pesco are asking 12,000 pounds for it, but they’re open to offers [monte] pesco knows that the good times are over. He’s off to South Africa Thank you, [duty]. [better] didn’t open that one used to continue, but don’t [breathe] [it] Well, he could only take 800 pounds with him the legal limit Did you always believe that One day you would leave Rhodesia? never Now I was one of the guys in the stay and see Jeff Tillotson, [Talia], I Was Gonna switch off the lights and close the Gate since they write Rhodesia? Fever and then burn as we go back And it didn’t happen. [I] was gonna switch off the lights inventory, but [things] [happening] self forced the moment there just Haven’t got met. I haven’t got that much time anymore You’re going and leaving the lights on that’s right somebody else left a switching off Why don’t you stay and take the gamble take the risk and bt is no risk? I mean. He’s not gamble He’s a risk but there’s no gamble. The gamble is all in the The gooks got it. The gooks it is They want world the whole world is supporting the terrorists How’s the attitude of Africans changed as a result of what [is] currently happening? Yes? Yes in what way? uh I got a staff for the company I work with those could have stuff about [8] [8] Africans and they all think they can earn houses and I’ve never seen so many Africans driving learning To drive mother causes what I have lately because every one of them think they’re Gonna get medical uh [a] little garden we couldn’t garden boy was washing my mother-in-Law’s car and You see two aces well next year. That’s Gonna be Michael So a mother went to my mother no entities. Will you see this box Matches it was lighter I’ll burn it before I give it to [you] So that’s the attitude of the African is it’s changed completely Righteous Yeah tomorrow to think we’re revati 34 to one maybe a bit more was everybody taking the Gap like me In South Africa [at] the moment. I [think] it’s about [41] I think by 41 So you could stand a chance? Does that make you feel happier? Well? I could take like for [efI’s] before they take me [out] But you couldn’t 36 no ways nothing [Jemelle] sitter yep, just travel at about 150 Metres apart You’ll see there’s a lot of people on the convoy that you know I’ve done it a hundred times [just] do what they do. Okay. Should you come under attack? Go through And this you’re very well beck and you can see the contact will ahead is the road very dangerous That’s a bit dicey the money few roads in Rhodesia are safe such is the gorillas tightening grip? Ten miles south of [um] [tolly] we dropped out of the convoy adds ammonia here the gorillas word was law This is or was the African township of [Zoo] [Muniya] a few miles outside of um tolly [Zoo] muniya used to be a thriving township of about 1,500 Africans that is until a couple of months ago when the terrorists moved in [and] told the people to [get] out they did today [Ximena] is a ghost town [I] Use the word terrorist because our government guide was listening if I’d said gorillas a neutral word there would have been trouble As Ammonia Bears signs of a hasty retreat [the] beer hall in ruins the school in ashes Exercise books littered the floor some open at the date of the last lesson october the 30th 1978 Some left for the safety of um Charlie others caught the bus to Salisbury 200 miles away The sufferings of Rhodesia’s quarter of a million white’s are well known the plight of her six million blacks less So press and Tv a heavily censored journalists closely watched accompanied most places Africans caught in the Middle are often frightened and confused Few more so than this 19 year old soldier in the rhodesian regular army 80% of which is black He told us a remarkable story He said he’d crossed the border and joined the [guerillas] been trained in Tanzania and returned to Rhodesia to fight for zimbabwe He was captured in the bush Why didn’t the Rhodesian Soldiers kill you when they captured you? Because I they say their world drop your life dog. I don’t matter for [dog] [in] the kitchen they put in the end cuffs and they take me straight to the to the Iasb and [they] [just] about especially and Specialised take me in. I’m teddy. What did they do to you fuzzy to me overnight? I? tried to [uh] say that only one and I don’t know about anything near Rhodesia type start telling me Like using victory City he led the army to Guerrilla bases across the mountains in Mozambique, which they destroyed his usefulness over he was tried by a magistrate and after that I went to the [high] [Court] [and] This the men measures to say that what one [too] to be hanged or to be life in Prison or to receive this [decent] government, they say that they aren’t to save the region [government], and that’s why you’re now wearing a radiation of a uniform, so How do you now feel about fighting men who will want your comrades? Because I can’t do it. They just forced me everything you know You have no choice. Yeah, yes, force me to do it Why do Africans join the Rhodesian Army? Because there’s no job See and [Rohde] That’s our jobs for you depends only Ya know African jobs, so they join I’m here eating em They join what to fight over the money you just fed for money Don’t they fight for a diva no they just fighting for money not for for this country Because there’s some more people then I mean the supporting [gavin]. [yeah] because black soldiers in the army ah [the] Rhodesian Army support mugabe because if they go through the African taja they have to get a glad to pay donation For the people in the bush Black Soldiers [who] do you think will win in the end? thing in garbage going to be weaned versus good blend of saboteurs Why do you think [MacCaBi] will win? [cuz] it’s good long blend of supporters and blend of tears in the bush It was the prospect of an end to the war that led many whites to support the transitional government? But the war has intensified whole areas of the country are now under the gorillas control These protected Villages or keeps are where the government is holding on by its fingertips They’re designed to control the African population the majority of whom live in the tribal trust lands There are 200 keeps like this scattered all over Rhodesia with over half a million Africans living behind their fences under guard The keeps are meant to Deny the Guerrillas the supplies and [support] they seek and get from the African population We were taken to this keep northwest of um [tarly] visitors are no strangers here It’s part of the journalists guided tour the toilets are spotless the government insists that the Africans like the keeps that they want to be protected from the terrorists Africans tend to see them differently a destruction of their way of life for white ends not black Africans who live here are carefully monitored if a man leaves his keep he must take his identity bracelet with him Not to do so may prove fatal This [bangor] I’ve got the numbers on it Well, they gave us this bangle. They just want to know where you come from and They just want to know if you haven’t got this bangle. They can say that [you] [a] terrorist if you have got this bangle They can say that well loo you [a] [man] who lives in the cape, but actually if you forgotten this thing at home Especially [you] can say that you have lost your life because they can shoot you straight. They don’t even ask this bangle So that bangle is your life. Yes this beggar is my life. This cape is not a showcase No journalists have been here before this [cape] is under martial law like 75% of Rhodesia Martial law means that the security forces can do what they want this keep is in a war zone People are poor and hungry sometimes the gates are locked for days on end people often can’t plant their crops or feed their cattle the New Year holds a prospect of starvation Secretly I spoke to some of the Africans who live in the keep How do you feel about living in a keep as it [differs]? [II] living behind a wire is like living in a prison But the government say that Africans like living in keeps Because [they’re] they are safe and protected from the [Guerrillas] from the terrorists But back to that day [our] choice would be to live where we used to Even though there are fighting forces we much prefer to liver money than to be separated from the operation were they Do most Africans in your experience support the gorillas they do. Yes Do any support the transitional government in? Salisbury up up to now nothing has been achieved by the transitional government. They’ll begin supporting after they’re seen something they’ve achieved In areas like this, it’s the red cross [that] is keeping starvation at Bay They deliver their scarce supplies to sent peters Mission 20 miles from the border Africans flock in from the surrounding keeps the cards show that they are cases of special need a bag of corn for an empty stomach The whaling is a way of saying. Thank you What have we got here nurse pick it up? Just pick it up and show [me] Yeah, pick her up again good out in the bush missionaries are vulnerable Gorillas have killed 30 so far But father Kennedy who run sent peters mission is more concerned for the Africans than he is for himself? We’ve had in the region of about [Thirty-Five] Civilians who have been shot accidentally or otherwise? in in the war gunshot Victims and We’ve had people whose vehicles or donkey carts have detonated landmines on the pretext of taking pretty pictures we gave our government guide the slip then father Kennedy spoke his mind [a] brave man and What is the relation between? You here in the mission and the Guerrillas [I]? Think it’s a good relationship They understand naturally that if they were to come [onto] the mission site that would jeopardize All the work we are doing here, and I think that they appreciate that and so far They have not actually been [on] to the site, but we have contact with them We are here to help poor sick and so on they get sick they need drugs and so on but they are very discreet in their manner of approach and You provide them with medical supplies Do yes, I provide anybody who requires medicine with medicine the government would say that was helping the terrorists helping the enemy [I] presume they would that has often been the case in this dilemma of the Christian priest on a mission he must Help those who apply for help though. It’s labeled as a political Action How do you regard the Guerrillas? Many of them are schoolboys that we have taught from time to time in our experience in [Mission] schools Iii prescind from individual acts of all violence which I deplore on both sides but I respect them in general as a Group of people who have got a cause and are fighting for it. Do you want me to elaborate on the cause? I’m a rhodesian actually. I think that’s quite important people particularly perhaps overseas think that all white Rhodesians Subscribe to a particular policy that isn’t quite true there are Perhaps in the minority minority those who have always objected to racial discrimination Who have always objected to the land tenure Act? I’m totally against those so in as much as the Guerrillas represent a Force which Alone has done something to get these things withdrawn. [I] respect their dedication Do you think that ian Smith would have made the accommodation he has with the africans without the Guerrilla war no I’m totally convinced he would not have done what sort of support that the Guerrillas have from the from the African [population] well perhaps I could say I can speak for the whole of Rhodesia But I speak for the area occupied by the one doubt tribes people which I know very well [they’re] probably about a hundred and thirty or 150,000 of these [1da], and I can tell you there’s no question about it. They are totally Behind the girls how do Africans feel about the [rhodesians] security forces well? I’m afraid they feel their feelings results from their experience [many] things are justified because of a war situation, but the common man in the street Not that there are streets around here is Rather Bushy area their experience is a rest You [know] if a landmine is detonated in an area the common practices for everybody living within so many kilometers of the Landmine to be Arrested and interrogated and I have seen the results of interrogation by the security forces I’ve seen men who have suffered Electric Shock treatment, I’ve seen men who kept could not walk because of the soles of their feet having been beaten So the security forces represent to our people here a threat to life and limb you believe the stories Do you I can vouch for them and I’m not telling you what [I’ve] heard. I’m telling you what I’ve seen I know that. They are true So the wagon will roll North it has been many Three has been no Barty Pioneers We bought the matter Billy and many a hardship [to] the Flagon for you tell Sing the song to you And you can call us [rebels] and you can call We were founded by an Englishman by the muscle [Growth] But despite the songs to boost morale many whites in [um] [Thali] have decided that the end is nigh Rhodesia finished The Ellis’s are off to blackpool had anyone told me two years ago that I would have been sitting here in virtually an empty house with These packing cases behind me I’d have said never ever I wouldn’t have thought that this would have taken place in Rhodesia. I’m sorry and Hence the reason for making our departure We didn’t think that things would go the way they have done Other things would deteriorate in the manner they have We were quite happy to remain in this country we’ve been here 27 years my whole life was here have at 27 very very happy years indeed as you can see the beautiful surroundings were live in the standard of living we’ve enjoyed also and Well, it’s rather heartbreaking to have to give it all up. I’m sorry. I’m leaving as my husband said offered a good life here, you know with or here for good and We just feel know the best thing to do is tickle. Why no? Well there, isn’t any future for us here. How do you see 1979? 1979 I personally regret to say [that] I see it as a continuation of a war because I see no support for the transitional government Rightly or wrongly isn’t for me to comment. I’m just observing what I see I interpret that this war will go on a long long time Even grimmer is the prospect of Civil war the nightmare the West Fears Most the Guerrilla Forces are divided Loyalties of blacks in the Rhodesian Army are uncertain black politicians in the transitional government now have their own private armies 479 the recipe may be Chaos in The New Year as in [bab]. We must surely be born but only out of the blood and ashes of Rhodesia itself Goodbye Rhodesia

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  1. I sympathise with the whites. Similarly England's black minority can rule the indigenous white majority, with similar laws, regulations and standards too

  2. By 2006, Zimbabwe had the shortest average lifespans in the world. It was 37 years for men and 34 for women. Just think of that. A nation in 2006 had average lifespans of under 40 years. Zimbabwe absolutely wrecked everything Rhodesia accomplished.

  3. All the Zimbabwean problems now are caused by whites. They left at a time when they felt that this was their country, they had made it so they had to revenge in any way possible. It's ok for me to die of hunger in the hands of my parents than in the hands of thief who's pretending that he loves me and yet he's surviving on my blood.

  4. People forget that the UK's White Supremacist and colonial policies could not stand, because the UK was broke and at the brink of bankruptcy and collapse in the late 70's… but their black grudge against Zimbabwe persisted.

    It's their ONLY reason for crippling sanctions, attempted coups, and willingness to starve and break the people of one specific country.

    Mugabe did what the American Indians should've done… send ALL of the racist, murderous devils back to Europe.

  5. Yes the leader they trusted fucked it up but so was England hundreds of years ago. Give it another 50 years. Africa will be the super power and your shit hole west will be underwater.

    It takes time for people to build from trash. You forget how trash Europe was.

  6. All whites please return to your paradise. Leave is shit holes to us. We will suffer for some decades but eventually we will rise and I think that’s what you truly fear.

  7. It is better to be poor and free than to be enslaved and in the company of colonists.
    South Africa will never suffer the same fate, the present black youth is too educated.

  8. I mean, it would have been more effective to give everyone equal rights rather than fuck your economy for decades to come.

  9. I think this soldier might have been killed after stating Mugabe will win…He was useful leading them to freedom fighters training camps…How cruel to say "his usefulness was over"..were innocents killed by the colonizers

  10. How this happen? who make money from this? This British really believed Rhodesia was for them. If British colonial exterminate African like they did for America Indian or like the Aboriginal people in Australia. Rhodesia will be for them.

  11. The whites put out Africans have not been able to manage this once prosperous country and its become a ragged people and beggars of international help.

  12. Back to square one, you damn right! Why did they go to South Africa? they should go back to where they came from. Don't they know Africa belongs to blacks. Of course some dissent minority whites could stay by obeying the rules of the country

  13. Fuck Rhodesia! You go to somebody’s country and you want to steal it. Fuck is wrong with you… this is how you stole America from the Indians. British anywhere you go you kill and steal form people, and then claim “we discovered it” how dafuk you going to discover a place where people already live at…

  14. The former rich and white Rhodesia has performed into the poor and hopeless Bimbo-country named "Zimbabwe" under the command of the ape Mugabe!

  15. It burning you whites yeah get out of Africa and stay out, you speak as if African need you, African don't need your white racist system no that, that why they won't leave us alone, white farms only perduce GMO, you all can't grow nothing straight from the ground, you must remember who revolutionise the Morden world in their sleep state black African, who made the first clock, the stop light, who laid the out city of Washington DC, who made the first car wasn't Henry ford he just had the production line, but it was a African American made the first car, who gave the world plastic from beans soap, 300 hundred item from beans George Washington carva a black man, who made the first chip for a computer, the first Lazer cataracts machine a black woman, this was in the 50th, you white made the pattern office, look at black invention, but you people are so hate jealous and so doom it pity full, you are natural people that everything you do is artificial you yourself is GMO, the knowledge African know about this earth will take white people 10 lifetime to catch up, they still think earth is ball going around the sun. So see that your are still building shit piles for fire in the caves.

  16. Little did they know the nightmare that lay ahead with Mugabe and ZANU-PF. Short of Rhodesia never existing as a colony, there was only one real moderate solution that could have avoided war prior to UDI or ended it prior to Mugabe’s power grab in 1980 if recognised by the West.

    Power sharing in 1979 between Smith and Abel Muzorewa would have been a more palatable solution for saving Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and promoting better racial cohesion and harmony; as well as better cooperation with their neighbours under a recognised newly formed government. Mugabe failed to provide any of those things throughout his autocratic rule and the country remained economically and socially fractured with inequality still evident among the very people he claimed to represent.

    A political merging of the old and new would have allowed for stability, a voice for all citizens and a certainty of their place and role in society for a new Zimbabwe-Rhodesia. The international community should have approved the changes made to accommodate a moderate government that would have facilitated a peaceful transition to majority rule on terms not harmful to settlers. Declaring the 1979 election illegal and recognising Marxist militant factions as a legitimate political voice for the future affairs of the country had sealed its fate. Amnesty should not have been granted to guerrilla forces who clearly intimidated and swayed votes throughout the country against moderate candidates in 1980. The initial 1979 election may not have been as representative of the people as was desired but would have acted as a cornerstone for sweeping changes throughout the decade.

    Black majority rule and freedom from a racist system was inevitable, even under a Smith government if it had survived, as it would have modernised in line with a post-colonial world and re-evaluated its wider role to end alienation and isolation under sanctions. Marxist forces applied pressure, but changes came from sanctions and the desire for legitimacy and recognition. Efforts were eventually made but it came too little and too late. The power shift was too swift for a country that was ill prepared for an imperial decoupling after years of civil war. The departure may have seemed like a smooth transition but the economic decline after years of sanctions, poor education and a skills shortage would hit Zimbabwe hard. The steady deterioration was a direct result of Mugabe's irresponsible and illogical policies that quickly led to a crisis. Interracial harmony never existed even after Mugabe came to power and he would leverage support for farm seizures to deflect from his own failings.

    Eventually the newly independent state's colonial infrastructure would be largely ruined through neglect. There will be no realistic recovery after Zimbabwe's inability to maintain and rehabilitate the existing infrastructure since the country became immersed in economic and political turmoil in the 1990's. There is no new investment and existing services are inefficient, costly, and unreliable. Defiant and unapologetic, Mugabe had crafted an image that cannot be separated from Zimbabwe itself.

    As all attempts to power share came too late, added with pressure from radical Marxist-Leninist militants and economic sanctions, then the most favourable option with hindsight would have been to argue the case with Britain over the fate of settlers without declaring UDI. The UK ignored the issue of a smooth phased transition. Unlike other colonies, Rhodesia had a longstanding and permanent white population who were expected to have no role in the future of a land that they called their home. Forced repatriation was not an option considering that most settlers had been born there over several generations.

    The UK had considered nothing but its own interests in washing its hands of the former colony, and as usual British mismanagement caused terrible repercussions by leaving no other option for the settlers other than UDI. Decolonisation was not possible when there was an old, settled and permanent colonist population that would effectively be ignored and left behind. Mediation, integration and a power sharing coalition was required before the UK relinquished her burden and her permanent footprint it left behind with its imperial children.

    Britain needed to invest in the future of Zimbabwe-Rhodesia by maintaining an agreed presence there during the 1960's to facilitate a peaceful and equal coexistence between its peoples, and to build a new diplomatic relationship based on historic ties and commonwealth membership for trade; something that can no longer exist within present day Zimbabwe. There was no responsible transition on both occasions.

    The issue with the illegally declared Smith government of the early 1960's was its racist policies that prevented equality among the Black and White population. If Smith had taken a more forward-thinking approach to ensure that the country, its industry and the future of white settlers was not in question, then he would have realised that Rhodesia couldn't survive without Black integration and equality. Adopting an inclusive nationalist idea would have nurtured a new identity were everyone worked towards the same goals to strengthen an inclusive nation and to support the interests of the people regardless of race or culture. The balance of power had to be on an equal footing if it was ever to survive from the onset of decolonisation.

    For the UK to expect a new Zimbabwe to succeed without support was deplorable. Smith’s fear that the country's infrastructure would collapse under an inexperienced black government was understandable, and no preparations had been made to educate and introduce a skilled black workforce into specialist areas where none existed.

    The UK attempted a hasty retreat as soon as it could and its actions caused fear and anger at how irresponsible it was behaving among the people who felt betrayed and irrelevant, like a living relic of the past from a country that no longer wanted them. The UK hadn't fully understood the implications of wrenching the colonies away from British administration and India was a chilling example of what could go wrong.

    I feel that it was the UK's moral duty to attempt to maintain some sort of order and a phased plan to enable Zimbabwe to succeed. Mugabe has raped Zimbabwe of its potential and discarded it for his own personal gain. I feel that the UK has a lot to answer for and that decolonisation couldn't have been fully achieved in the time scale that it had expected. It should have listened and worked with both parties to enable a responsible transition through a power sharing agreement. Mugabe was the result of a failure to communicate and understand the implications during decolonisation.

  17. Whites you forget how long it took for your lot to sort yourselves out. Were you not in civil wars as recently as 1945. Who civilized you? Roman expansion has a lot to do with where Europe is today. A history full of hygiene troubles, torture and disease was yours too. Our troubles as Africans are unfortunate partly our past partly our growing into this new world.

  18. Black faces multiply as white disappear 😄😄 its A frica dah! It belongs to the Africans where are they supposed to appear? What a silly comment 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Caucasians stink like dog shit. Stupid black people can't see that caucasian devil's hands, all over the destruction of Zimbabwe

  20. Fuck all you white racists. I would have no problem whites living in Africa as citizens but not as fucking superior citizens

  21. Everyone who blames mugabe can kiss my ass and all of you European can die in hell you keep destroying other people nations with your hypocrisy just like here in the comments you show how hypocritical you are evil people

  22. All African and Caribbean countries should be owned, governed and controlled only by African and Caribbean people with no outside interferences.

    African and Caribbean countries must arm themselves with nuclear weapons, to stave off any future attempts of invasion and colonization.

    All of the resources in African and Caribbean countries should be owned and controlled by African and Caribbean people only.


    If anyone has a problem with that.

    So be it.

  23. So who else heard this at "5:43 min. Monte Pesco to black servant — "Thank you, but you didnt open that one you stupid thing, but don't breathe it (don't worry or not to worry)". ……..WOW..

  24. 1 Thing that everyone seems to leave out is the how the British screwed over all of its former colonies, especially settler colonies following World War 2. Rhodesian and South African soldiers fought for the British Empire and when when the war ended, the British Empire abandoned them.

  25. White people's attitudes and behaviour doomed them in Rhodesia and created/inspired the rebels that beat them. The same can be said for South Africa except whites changed their behaviour and attitude since 1990s so the black people don't ethnic cleanse them out of Africa.

  26. This is totally proganda, I have been a solder where we looked and defended these keeps. These people had words put into their mouths. I am shocked to hear this. We looked after all the local people at all times. They don't talk about how people had their lips and ears cut off. Freaking shocking to hear all this propaganda.

  27. My maternal Grandmother’s family came from Rhodesia. It’s a hell hole now. Went to high school with a bunch of other Dutch South Africans in South Florida.

  28. Racists will always be racists. Most of the comments here only focus on the actual situation of Zimbabwe and no mention about the past tyranny of a white minority. So racists, they couldn't even capture a word of what father Kennedy was saying.

  29. It's sad that some whites believe that Africa belongs to them, even calling Africans terrorists because they are fighting to take their country back. What a delusion.

  30. Before Independence it was shit for the black man and paradise for the ones in charge. The world is still fucked up till now. Let Africans be

  31. Rhodesia should’ve been a success they had every right to exist!
    Britain and the US failed them !
    What has happened to Rhodesia now Zimbabwe is the exact same thing that has happened to every other African country it’s all turned to shit because of communism and in fighting.

  32. The situation between SA and Rhodesia were different. Whites in SA were there since the 17th 18th century and added enormous value to a land where few blacks lived. Whites in SA have every right to be there. Whites in Rhodesia were different many were unskilled working class that emigrated from the UK as prospectors. Basically expats looking to make a buck. Most never did not have a root there.

  33. 99% of African countries fought the white man to get freedom on our land but now we're inviting white men and Chinese to come and invest in Africa and others are selling their land to Chinese !!!!!!! Africa Africa we have some thing missing in our heads

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    I was born in Bulawayo and left years ago have never and will never return

  36. All the caucasian people glorifying Rhodesia as being a better country for everyone, I just wonder whether they would equally fancy being a black Rhodesian. Rhodesia was an imperialist fantasy, period!. The Earth is common heritage to be equally enjoyed by all. We can achieve far more as a species that way.

  37. All this could have been avoided if the White elites had agreed to a political settlement with the moderate black leaders. Instead they chose to hang tough and legitimized the hardliners and opportunists like Mugabe who won through sheer numbers and grit and then ruled as a dictator.

  38. In hindsight, the western world should hang its head in shame! To hand over competent economic rule to a barbarian, thank your god he is dead now!, was the ruination of the one 'bread basket' of Africa! Anti Colonialism has its detractions!!

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  40. I'm Embarrassed by what my country has done to a once Beautiful country, RHODESIA, now the shit hole it's turned into, ZIMBABWE.

  41. “There was segregation so it’s definitely okay that innocent civilians and farmers will be butchered”

    Mugabe was the traitor, he continued fighting even after Rhodesia increased black participation; he never wanted freedom or equality, he wanted domination.

  42. Their other video what fuels racism from thames TV has blocked comments, I wonder why….. They didnt get enough pro multicultural comments on other videos.

  43. I heard the interviewer speak and I was like "Ahhh, propaganda." I do love my history with a little sprinkle of white supremacy😂

  44. Colonial Africa was doomed to fail from the start, if you start educating the black majority then they naturally want to rule their land , there is no way a colonial state can last in the long term.

  45. That mission doctor had the clearest view of what was happening, but nobody was listening to him from his own side which was really unfortunate for all concerned.

  46. Hahahaha… How did your savagery work out?
    Blacks never learn…

    Idi amin dada did the same thing to their tax base… Got rid of the only hard workers in uganda the Indians

    Blacks don't care that MUGABE shoved it right up thier asses…
    He used Western capitalist as a diversion while he looted the country from all its gold and diamonds

    But BLACKS don't mind starving and suffering living like street cats in dirt huts as long as it was a black that screwed them…

  47. Yeah , go on starving , my dear friends , say that it is your land and you would not be slaves and rather starve

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