ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Theatrical Trailer)

ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Theatrical Trailer)

ZZ Top, how’d you come up with a name
like that? We will tell three stories and none of them will be true. The mystique of the band is what brought me to them A look and a beard like that, what’s the
rest of your face like? They’re unique, they’re eccentric. When you’d see them on stage it was like seeing Bugs Bunny in person. We found a sound, yeah that’s it, it was
time to take Texas culture to the world. They became international superstars. Success is a great thing, it can also really screw with you. All three band members we wanted to take a step back. I got a cheque for $72,000, I uh
spent it on drugs, every bit of it. With these two guys I’ve never wanted to
quit and I never wanted to get fired. Is it better to have beards over the
covers or under the covers?

100 thoughts on “ZZ Top – That Little Ol’ Band From Texas (Theatrical Trailer)

  1. When I first heard tush I was like, who is that and where can I get more of it, I mean that song was just so powerful sounding and rockin that I had to find out who it was!

  2. Am looking forward to the flick. Btw, Methinks the quotes by Billy Bob & Homme (needs to give more credit to Chris Goss) were very lame. More substance!

  3. This is gonna make me feel like I'm 18 agin. Getting high smokin in 1969 & Im still here and ready in2019 still rockin to my fellow Texans. God bless ZZTop. Texas gift to the world. Aint no place like it. Lets do it agin on the big screen. ??

  4. That kind of tribute is overdue, they deserve it for a long time. It's gonna be THE music documentary of the year. I won't miss it.

  5. As a guitar guy it was always about gibbons, but over the years ive realized what a great drummer frank is. What a legend.

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  7. I hope this documentary will tell the truth about Linden Hudson's role in putting together Eliminator. See this:

  8. Jimi Hendrix in an interview, said Billy Gibbons was his favorite guitarist, it's on YouTube look it up!,,, seen them 4times an they are like Fine Wine!,get better with age.

  9. Isn’t it strange that they guy named Frank Beard is the guy without the beard. I know, I know, it’s really a Texas goatee.

  10. Never heard of these guys but if they get off the hipster bandwagon and shave their beards they may have something.

  11. Never heard of these guys but if they get off the hipster bandwagon and shave their beards they may have something.

  12. My first Rock concert was when I was 12 was ZZ-Top the Eliminator tour in Austin, Texas 1983 and it was freakin’ Awesome!!!!!!

  13. Wow!.super zz top is playing every day in my car…yep..zz top.venom.wasp.motorhead.all great band for ever…music is good!

  14. My dad just saw them live in Munchen a couple of weeks ago, we got him a ticket for the concert for his birthday hahah. His ringtone still is and has always been La Grange.

  15. I really only cared about one other rock and roll band documentary, it was called the Lighted Stage, by Rush.
    Finally a second band documentary style film that I will actually pay to see

  16. This docu, completely glosses over the fact that the majority of their international success rest on 3 famous videos with the 'girls' !!..and IMDB states they arent in it at all !

  17. 50 year old rock and roll bands are a rare thing these days among all this pop crap like Madonna,Beyonce,Katy Perry, and all the other junk! long live ZZ TOP and other great bands!

  18. ZZ TOP probably won't talk about how hard they ( have,do,will) work.Mr Frank Beard said Mr Bill F.Gibbons had him jam 6 hours till his mouth was open,well he and Carmine Appace I know charge a thousand an hour a lesson ,I'd Rather pay a master the thousand ( if I had the scoot) to practice? As usual share some phreek succor and leave,that's why thiie rworth tens of thousands an hour in labor.I'm a street music begger,and to earn 20 30 of a full day labor 40.00 is 3 or 4 hours work in traffic usually, 6 hrs a day is good work minus performance,but AT THAT LEVEL! Chris Young

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